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Friday Feature...on Wednesday!

I will be busy on Friday doing lots of Easter prep so I decided to get this to you today!

Do you feel special?  You totally SHOULD!  Because you TOTALLY ARE!

This weeks FF {on Wednesday} is all abut Easter!  I put the call out to some of my dearest bloggie friends a few weeks ago and all of them answered the call with some AWESOME posts for me to share with you!

First up we have an oh so cute Petal Skirt from Lindsay at Southern Lovely.  What little girl wouldn't want a CUTE skirt like that?!?!

Next up we have these BEAUTIFUL Ruffled Eggs from Tonia over at The Gunny Sack.  What a great decoration to cherish for years, plus they are SUPER easy to make!

Rachel, from Bubbly Nature Creations, shows how to make a knock-off Pottery Barn Trailing Dogwood Wreath.  This is great to leave up all spring!

I posted about these Peeps Pillows the other day on Facebook, they are from my friend Vanessa over at The Rookie Seamstress.  Couldn't you just eat them up?!?!

Check out these SUPER cute and SUPER easy Glitter Eggs from Crystal at A Pumpkin and a Princess!  I will be up to my eyeballs in glitter later tonight, going to let the girls in my class make some {with plastic eggs though}.

Now check out this springy Easel Card Tutorial from Sarah at Hope in Every Season.  I think this is SO cool!  Make sure to continue reading beyond her tutorial for a YUMMY Lemon Muffin Recipe!

Last, but definitely not least, is this beautiful Spring Berry Wreath from Ginger at Ginger Snap Crafts!  This is another GREAT wreath that could hang all spring. 

Please be sure to visit each of these SUPER talented ladies, their sites are seriously AMAZING!  I would love to know if you make one of these projects!

Happy Easter!

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