The Creative Princess: Weekend Wrap-up

Weekend Wrap-up

 {Yes! Mads hair IS still wet, it was a race to get to the hunt!}

We are getting into the time of year when we are busy NON-STOP!


It seems to start during spring break and we do not slow down until June, but we only get about a week of down time in June before it all starts back over in July and we don't stop again until about January.  I am not even kidding you!  Between birthdays, weddings, graduations, meetings, church, church activities, end of school, end of school programs, business stuff, family stuff, the list goes on and on.  EVERY weekend is packed!  

Oh, you wanted to make plans to go do something fun?  I am really very sorry but let me pencil you in for next year.  It seems like it is just about THAT bad.  Let's just take April for instance, this month we have.....
Easter weekend, MG's birthday weekend, as of right now the weekend of the 21st is free then the next weekend we are helping my grandparents move.

I thought it would be fun if on Monday's I posted about our crazy busy weekends, or not so crazy busy weekends.  Just to let you in on a part of my life that not a lot of people see.

This weekend I....

Made 3 dozen scones!
I then drove an hour (can you believe I did not eat ONE on my drive) to the Money Saving Queen Coupon Swap.
 This was before the swap started, by the end of the night the tables are COVERED with coupons.
I don't really go for the coupons anymore, I go for the food.
 One of the ladies brought these FABULOUS Mocha Cupcakes!  YUM!

Saturday we took the girls to the Easter egg hunt in town.
{No, her hair is NOT really this crazy!  She was running for eggs!}
I love my sweet girls!

Saturday evening we went to my MIL's house, hubby worked on her mower then mowed the lawn for her.  The girls decided they wanted to stay the night so we just fixed dinner there.
Of course we had to stop and blow our wishes first.
I LOVE my MIL's range!  She has a GRILL!  ON her STOVE!  Totally AWESOME!
Since hubby and I were kid free for the night you may think we went on a date or something.....nope!  We came home and enjoyed the peace!  I got some work done and he played on the computer, we listened to the police scanner for a bit then went to sleep.  We are wild and crazy I tell you!  HA!

Sunday was church, it was a good service.  Sunday night I went to a friends church for their monthly women's meeting.  Fun was had by all.  Each month they sponsor a local organization and this months organization is the Community Crisis Center.  They help women get away from abusive relationships.  AWESOME organization that I plan to learn more about.  They also have a speaker each month.  Tonight was Ms. E who talked about anger management.  It was a really good night!
The meal tonight was catered by an area cafe (Clanton's Cafe).  It's a pretty cool place, if you are ever near you should check it out!

This was actually one of our milder, as in not crazy busy, weekends.  It's the calm before the storm!  I hope you all had an amazing weekend!  Happy Monday!

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