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Pinot's Palette

Last week Money Saving Queen hosted an event for all of her staff, volunteers and other helpers.  The event was at this {AWESOME} place called Pinot's Palette.
It is a {REALLY} cool place that you get to go paint at!  Seriously, I was a bit skeptical at first.  I mean, I know I am creative and all (hello, I AM The Creative Princess)....{BUT}, my actual artistic skills are lacking {BIG TIME}!  Crafty, I can do....artsy.....not so much.
 Luckily, they have an {AWESOME} instructor (who actually reminded some of us of Angelina Jolie) who stands at the front of the room and tells you {EXACTLY} what to do!  They also have helpers that come around and give you even more help.  It is like paint by numbers but without the numbers, super simple.

You start off with a blank canvas and the instructor tells you the next few steps.  We had to make a white circle then fade out to blue.  As  you can see, I don't fade out well.
Next, it was time to make our trees.  We laughed a lot during this part.  My giant white spot was not near dry enough so that smeared my black and made a mess.
Next it was time for the "leaves".  I went a bit dot crazy at this point and learned you {CAN} have far too many "leaves".
I don't think it's {THAT} bad for my very first time, my girls and hubby {LOVE} it (at the end of the night you get to take your masterpiece home).  I had a {TON} of fun though and can't wait to go back!

If you have a Pinot's Palette near you, be sure to check them out!  They specialize in girls night out, date night and just plain fun, check out their calendar for upcoming events.  The Cherry Street location will be having a kids camp this summer, how fun would that be?  Pinot's Palette offers an extensive library of paintings and they are always adding new ones.  Don't be shy, if I can do it (with absolutely NO artistic ability), you can too!  Just go, give it a try, I promise you will have a {BLAST}!

Fore more info about Pinot's Palette you can check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

To see even {MORE} pics of our fun night, check out my Google+ album!

I was not compensated by Pinot's Palette for this review.  All opinions are my own.

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