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Giving Thanks

I am sure you have seen them, those "Thankful" posts all over Facebook. Every day. A lot of my friends are posting them, I am sure a lot of yours are as well {if you aren't doing it yourself}.

Me? No, I did not partake this year. Why? Well, you know I can hardly remember my own name sometimes, what makes you think I could keep up with posting my thanks every day? This is why I also do not participate in those "Photo a Day" things on Instagram.

Anyway! Back to my point.

The "Thankful" posts sure do let you see deep into how your friends really are don't they?  Yeah, the first week or so is full of being thankful for family, friends, God, etc. That is just a given to me though. 

I LOVED that one of my friends put that she is thankful for her washer and dryer, without it she would have to wash by hand. Would you want to do that? I know I wouldn't. We tend to forget the every day things that get us through life easily to be thankful for.

Another friend posted one of those e-cards about "What if you woke up tomorrow and only had what you thanked God for tonight?" Really, do you take the time to thank Him for even the little things?  We get so busy in our day to day to really stop and be thankful for some of the little things. Like socks, shoes, ponytail holders. I know, ponytail holders.  Seriously, without them MG would get all kinds of things in her hair. Plus, I would be really hot while I clean the house.

What about those, sometimes annoying, sounds your children make? What if your child was not given the gift of a voice?  Or what if it was taken away? Oh how you would miss those, sometimes annoying, sounds they make.

I know some of this is silly but I hope it got you thinking. I hope you take the next few days to really look deep, and be truly thankful for all of those big, as well as little, things in your life. I have learned over the years (especially this year) to not take those things for granted, you never know when they will be taken away. 

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and a fantastic weekend.  I love you all and you really have no idea how thankful I am of each and every one of you, yes YOU!

With all my love,

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