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Family Game Night! #DipDipHooray!

#Cbias,Back to School,Hasbro Game Night
Last Thursday was Mads first day of school.  She was SO excited about the new year, but a little nervous.  Mads LOVES school.

Since she loves it so much, I wanted to celebrate her first day of second grade with a FUN family game night.  After we dropped her off, MG and I headed to Walmart to pick up all of our goodies.
#Cbias,Candy Land,Disney Princess,Games,Family Fun
I wanted to get a new game, MG picked out the Princess edition of Candy Land, of course.
Walmart,shopping cart,#Cbias,Family Fun
I also needed to stock up on a few things.  It had been such a crazy busy week leading up to the first day that I just wanted something quick and easy for dinner.  I decided some Tyson Chicken Nuggets and Ore Ida French Fries would be great!  I also needed some ketchup, so I picked up some Heinz Simply Ketchup.

Once Mads got home we started getting everything ready.  The girls decided they wanted applesauce with their Nuggets and Fries and they also wanted corn.
#Cbias,Kids Snacks
I was not too hungry so this was my plate.
#Cbias, Candy Land, Disney Princesses, Games, Family Fun
After a quick round of Candy Land we had some ice cream.  Then it was on to round 2....and 3.....and 4!  The girls had SUCH a great time!

How would like to have Family Game Night every night?  Well, you have a chance!  Just enter the Dip to Play Sweepstakes!  It is SUPER easy to enter!  Head to and enter!  You could win awesome prizes!  One Grand Prize Winner will receive a $350 Gift Card to the online store, a $125 Prepaid gift card and a library of 25 of Hasbro's most popular board games so you can have tons of Hasbro Game Night's!!  How cool is that?!?
Dip to Play Sweepsteaks, #Cbias, Family Fun, Free Prizes
 You can also play fun games while you are on the site!  Just grab the UPC codes from your Heinz Ketchup, Ore-Ida Fries or Tyson Nuggets package and enter them online to unlock fun games to play!  Check out the full rules here.

So GO ENTER and of course let me know if you win #DipDipHooray!!

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Pony Royale Princess Ponies Review

This post is sponsored by Pony Royale. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

A few months ago I received an email letting me know I had been selected to review some new toys.


I knew my girls would be REALLY excited about these because, well....they are totally girlie.  Pony Royale combines what my girls love the most....

Princesses and Ponies.
We FINALLY had a day that we had absolutely NOTHING planned a few weeks ago.  So, I decided to let the girls open the box.
Review,Clever Girls Collective
  It is kind of hard to see but Mads face was PRICELESS!  She was SO beyond excited!
Review,Clever Girls Collective,Toys
MG LOVED Starfire, she was immediately attracted to the red.
Review,Toy,Clever Girls Collective
Mads LOVED the blue and black pony, Sky.
Each pony comes with two sets of manes and tails and also fun fashion pieces that can be interchanged.  With the two ponies we received, we were able to make over 60 fashion styles, the girls had a blast!
Review,Toys,Clever Girls Collective
You can find the Pony Royale Princess Ponies at Toys R Us and select Target stores NOW!
Here are the things the girls loved:
Just about everything can be changed. This allows many hours of fun, sharing the pieces with each other and coming up with new creations.
The heads move.
They are ponies.
You can brush their hair.
The stone on their head is "So super sparkly!"
Here are the things I did not love so much:
There are a lot of pieces to try to keep up with, but like all products with a lot of just need a storage container.
The legs do not move. The girls did not seem to mind this but I think it would be fun if the legs moved.
After a few days of brushing and playing, the mane and tail hair was very frizzy.
Here is a bit more info about the ponies:
"Pony Royale, a new toy line starring beautiful princess ponies, brings a fresh new approach to princess play in the fashion doll category.  Pony Royale combines favorite play patterns - hair play, fashion play and nurturing play – to give children endless hours of open-ended creative play with a fun and easy fashion system. The full collection, featuring 12 Princess Ponies, all with the ability to mix-and-match their manes, tails and fashion pieces, are in Toys R Us and select Target stores now.

The twelve Princess Ponies are pony action figure dolls with names, personalities, and changeable hair and outfits."
In the end:
The girls LOVED these!  I will be looking for them in stores, Christmas is just around the corner you know!
Find out more:
To see more fun pics of the girls playing with their ponies check out my Google+ album!
Visit the Pony Royale website for more information. Look for Princess Ponies in stores now, be sure to check out Pony Royale’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter!

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Donating School Supplies to Those in Need

Last week I shared with you that we were purchasing school supplies for kids that recently lost everything in recent wildfires.  At that time we knew 209 homes had been lost.  The number is now closer to 400.  In just one county!  It is heartbreaking!
#BagItForward,#Cbias,Back to School,#Champions4Kids
I don't know if you know much about Oklahoman's but, when there is a disaster, we pull through and get things done for each other.  Because so many students lost everything in the fire, Mannford Public Schools got the word out that supplies were needed.  People from all over the state started fulfilling these needs.

A dear friend of mine got her youth group involved and started a donation drive at the church we grew up in.  The local fire department also got involved and by the time both of these wonderful groups were done not only did they have school supplies to donate, they also had a single wide trailer that was halfway furnished!  Isn't that amazing!  Some family is going to be truly blessed by the generosity of just a few people coming together.
#Cbias,#Champions4Kids,#BagItForward,Oklahoma Wildfires,Back to School
That is what is also great about #Champions4Kids!  They encourage YOU to be just ONE of millions!  Letting you know that your single donation goes so much further than you think is amazing.  I know we often feel like if we can only donate one can of soup we are not doing much.  But we are!  That one can of soup can turn into a weeks worth of meals for a family.  Plus, when paired with others donations, you have helped stock a families kitchen with food so they don't go hungry.  Never think your donation is too small, no donation is EVER too small to #BagItForward.
#BagItForward,#Cbias,Back to School,#Champions4Kids
As with soup, just one pack of crayons or one bottle of glue can change the world of a child in need.  Reports were flooding in last night of how happy the children were to get a backpack full of school supplies, because so many people came together to help this was possible.
#BagItForward,#Cbias,Back to School,#Champions4Kids
This is part of my donation.  You can see more donation pictures and follow me as I shop for my donations in my Google+ story.

Not only was I able to help the kids of Mannford, I also donated to two girls in my class at church.  I did not want them to feel singled out so I made little gift packs with just a few supplies to help get them started.
I included crayons, Elmer's Glue Sticks, pencils, erasers, colored pencils, and a pencil bag.
I also decorated the bag with Glitter and of course Elmer's Glue, and included a little tag.
The girls loved the packs and are SO excited to start school.
It is NOT too late for you to get involved in this wonderful program!  Head over to the Champions for Kids Website, Facebook Page and Twitter to find out how you can help!  Also check out Elmer's on Facebook and Twitter.  

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Champions for Kids #CBias #SocialFabric. All opinions are my own.

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Mini Peach Pies - Perfect for Back to School

#Cbias,#SmartSnack,Back to School
 If you did not know, we are quickly closing in on the BIG day!

What big day is that?

The first day of school!

We start next week and I have been trying to think of the perfect "gift" for Mads teacher, as well as the perfect treat for her to enjoy after school.

Yesterday we went to Walmart to pick up a few last minute school supplies, because in the last 50 trips I have made to get her supplies I have managed to forget a few things.  Off we went to get everything I forgot and pick up a few snack options.
We came across these Del Monte Fruit Cups and I had to grab a few.  I knew they would make the PERFECT after school #SmartSnack for Mads, a great side to a healthy lunch for MG, and I also had a special treat in mind for Mads and her teacher.
After searching the section over I decided to get Peaches, Pears and Peaches that had been flavored with brown sugar and cinnamon. Once I saw the Diced Peaches with Cinnamon and Brown Sugar I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to make.....

Mini Peach Pies!

I knew the Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Peaches would be PERFECT for this!  They already had the flavor I was looking for and I would not need to add any other spices or sugar to them.
You will need, a Fruit Cup, Pie Crust, Butter and a bit of Flour.
Lay your crust out and cut to desired shape/size. You will then add one small pat of butter to center of bottom crust.
Del Monte,#Cbias,#SmartSnack
Place a small spoonful of filling in middle of crust.
Del Monte,#Cbias,#SmartSnack
 Next you just seal up the sides, and add a stick, if you would like, and bake! Super easy!

Mini Peach Pies
*1 Fruit Cup makes 4 small pies
1 Del Monte Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Peaches Fruit Cup {drained}
1 Package Refrigerated Pie Crust {you can also make your own, of course, but I was in a rush}
1/2 Tsp Flour
1-2 Tsp Butter
Egg Wash

Preheat oven to 375
Drain fruit cup and add flour to fruit, mix well.  Set aside.
Using a Mini Pie Maker or Cookie Cutter, cut pie crust to desired shape/size.
Lay bottom piece on cookie sheet and place a small pat of butter in the middle of the crust.
Next, add a small spoon full of Peaches and add another small pat of butter on top of the peaches.
Using your egg wash, gently brush wash on edge of bottom crust.
Place top crust over mixture and gently press down, I like to use a fork to do this.
Place on greased (or parchment covered) cookie sheet and bake at 375 for 15 minutes.
Remove from oven and allow to cool on sheet for 5 minutes, move to cooling rack to cool completely.
*If you would like to make your mini pies into Pie Pops, just place your pop stick between layers and press to seal, continue with directions. 
#Cbias,#SmartSnack,Del Monte,Back to School
 To see other ways Del Monte can help you get ready for back to school, check out their Website, Facebook Page and Twitter.
Del Monte,#Cbias,#SmartSnack,Back to School

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Del Monte #CBias #SocialFabric. All opinions are my own.

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Helping Others go Back to School with Champions for Kids and Bag it Forward

As many of you know, one of my favorite things is to give back to others.

Over the weekend Oklahoma suffered catastrophic damage from wildfires.  In the county where I grew up, 209 homes were lost and more than 58,000 acres burned.  This was just one county.  I don't have the numbers for the entire state, but it was bad.
My cousin Jared took this pic Saturday

Early last week I was given the opportunity to team up with Elmer's and #Champions4Kids for Bag it Forward.  The mission is to purchase quality school supplies and donate to kids in need.  At that time I had planned on donating the items to some girls from church.

Then, the fires happened.  Word got out that 47 students from Mannford, Ok alone lost their homes, and everything in them.  Mannford is a small community, 47 is a BIG number of students.  The call went out and started circling around Facebook that school supplies were needed.  I knew this is where I needed to turn my focus.

A dear, sweet, friend of mine will be collecting donations and then taking them to her friends in Mannoford later this week.

Yesterday we packed up our car and headed to Walmart to see what we could get.  Like all shopping trips, I looked through the sale ads and made a list of items I wanted to get.
Since I do not know the ages of the children affected, I wanted to get a range of items.
Champions for Kids has made it easy for everyone to donate with their #BagItForward campaign.  In most Walmart stores you will find prepackaged bags of school supplies.  Inside the bags are scissors, notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, markers and so much more.  You will also find coupon books inside.
Also, in some Walmart stores, you will find donation bins right in the store!  How great is that?  Even if you are only able to purchase one box of crayons, just think of the child that will be given that box.  
The purpose of Champions for Kids is to mobilize MILLIONS to help.  Your one box of crayons, when paired with my on box of Kleenex and "Susie's" package of pens, etc..that then becomes everything that child needs!  Don't think of it as "Oh I can only get one box, that is not going to be much help."  Think of it as "I can only get one box of crayons, but I know this will help so much when paired with others donations."  Trust me, one box of crayons changes the world to a child.
I will be donating to the children of Mannford, Ok.  I also still plan to donate to the girls in my class at church.  I will be posting about my donations next week, so stay tuned!

I encourage each and every one of you to go out and purchase at least just one package of something (the pencils were the cheapest items I bought at just $0.38/10pk.), and help make a difference to a child in your community!

To learn more about Champions for Kids, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also learn more about the awesome efforts Elmer's is making to kids in need on their Facebook page and Twitter.

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Champions for Kids #CBias #SocialFabric
All opinions are my own. 

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Back to School with Cookie's Kids


So, remember last week when I teased you guys with this post? We ended up shopping online at Cookie's Kids. I used the AWESOME #MomsGuide to help me pick out what we wanted.
After I got an idea of what we would be looking for, I let Mads go to town!
I helped her but, for the most part she picked out everything we purchased.  We sat down and went to the Cookie's Kids website and had a blast shopping!  We were a little overwhelmed with the site, their selection is AMAZING! But, once I got the hang of it and showed Mads what to click on, we were well on our way to a new wardrobe for Back to School.
Back to School,#MomsGuide,#Cbias
I had $50 to spend and thought it would not get us far.  Boy was I WRONG!  The prices at Cookie's Kids are AMAZING!  I somehow ended up with a $30 credit on my account also, I still don't know where that came from but...I was excited it was there!  So now that I had $80 to spend, I was even MORE excited!

Would you like to see what all we got?
#MomsGuide,#Cbias,Back to School
We purchased this CUTE Black Taffeta Skirt, this is going to be great for so many occasions! The shirt we already had and the shoes are also from Cookie's. One thing I LOVE about the skirt is it is adjustable! There is a little piece of elastic in the back with a button, like adjustable jeans.
#MomsGuide,#Cbias,Back to School
This cute little set is no longer available.  It is an orange top, that Mads thinks Hanna Montana would wear, and it came with white leggings.
#MomsGuide,#Cbias,Back to School
Mads LOVES this top! She would have gotten 10 of them, if I would have let her!  HA! You can still find it at Cookie's but in limited sizes.
#MomsGuide,#Cbias,Back to School
I went back and forth about getting a jacket, but she LOVED it. You know, when it is 115 out you really aren't thinking jacket weather!  lol I am glad I got it though. The jacket is fully lined and the outside is some sort of fleece.  It is SO soft!
#MomsGuide, #Cbias
 Of course NO shopping trip is complete without a dress! She just HAD to have it. We used the leggings from the orange outfit above because it is just a bit short for this mama. It comes with a faux cami sewn in and the belt is also sewn on. I love that because I will not have to hunt for all of the pieces when she wants to wear it. Again, the shoes are also from Cookie's. I really like these shoes, they are very versatile. They are on the big side but, she will grow into them.

We also purchased a dress for little sister {in blue} and a pair of 7 seven jeans for Mads. The jeans are a bit big...and long...but she will grow into them. We usually get adjustable jeans because she is so tall and skinny that I have a hard time finding anything that fits. I can't wait for her to fit in the jeans, they are REALLY cute, they have rhinestones on all of the pockets. So girly and blingy!

I still need to pick up just a few supplies but, for the most part, we are all set to head Back to School! Mads is SO excited to show off all of her new clothes!

You can find out more about Cookie's Kids on their website, Facebook page and also on Twitter.

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ #CBias #SocialFabric All opinions are my own.

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Why I LOVE e.l.f!

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to head to Walmart and purchase some new #askelf cosmetics.
#eyeslipsface, #Cbias, cosmetics, makeup
I was shocked at their selection! They did not offer much variety in certain things but, all together they had a lot to choose from.  One of my favorite items is their Custom Compact. It can be filled with up to 4 pods. I chose to fill mine with eyeshadow. There were only 5 or 6 different shades but luckily, they were shades I liked.
I have been using e.l.f for YEARS. I first heard about them on a couponing site. At the time they were having an AMAZING sale online, on top of their already amazingly low prices {$1 for their regular line and $3 for their studio line}. Needless to say, I stocked up! 
#eyeslipsface, Walmart, #cbias
I quickly fell in love with their brushes. I honestly was not expecting much from a brush that only costs $1. I was surprised when 3 years later, I was still using it!

I also already knew I loved their eyeshadow. They are highly pigmented and stay on better than most.  Since my shopping trip I have fallen in love with even more of their products!
makeup, #eyeslipsface, #cbias, Walmart

makeup, #eyeslipsface, #cbias, Walmart
I have now started using their tinted moisturizer, I was using BB Cream from Garnier and while I know a ton of people love just was not right for me. The e.l.f tinted moisturizer has an SPF of 20 and does not make my face greasy. I also purchased their powder and while it is nice, it was the wrong shade for me.  Stink!

Some of the other items I purchased that I will for sure be buying more of is their lipstick. It is like no other lipstick I have ever seen! It is actually a stick, not in a tube, and the lipstick itself is like a pencil. I love that I can precisely line my lips with it, I am not a lip liner fan so this works great.

I LOVE playing around with makeup and fun new colors. e.l.f. helps me do this because their prices are amazing! I also love that these are great quality products, you just would not expect that from something that does not cost much.

I put together a video of how I have incorporated my new e.l.f. products into my daily routine. Please forgive me, this is the first video of this kind I have done so it is a little long and a little dark. I promise to get better.
You can find out more about the AWEOMSE e.l.f. products on their website and also on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and e.l.f. #CBias #SocialFabric All opinions are my own.

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