The Creative Princess: Making my House into a Home

Making my House into a Home

A few things you should know...

I have lived in my house for nearly 9 years.

In that time I have purchased 2 new pieces as "art".

All other pieces were hand-me-downs or freebies.

My house has never felt like home.

This year, I have made it my mission to turn that around and make my house, into my home!

Two of my FAVORITE stores for home things are Kirkland's and...... Hobby Lobby!  A lot of people think Hobby Lobby and automatically think of fabric, or art supplies. And they are right.......but! They have an AMAZING selection of pieces for your home! Even better? Their prices are AWESOME! Plus, something is always at least 50% off, or there is a great coupon out.

So, a few weeks ago I visited my local HL location and used up some giftcards I received for Christmas. I had already gone in a few weeks prior and had an idea of what I wanted, it was just a matter of deciding which pieces I was getting that week, and which pieces I would add later on.
The first spot that I wanted to make over was above my couch......and my couch itself. The quilt and quilt hanger in the pic were my Granny's, I did not want to get rid of it. I also LOVE all of my Willow Tree figures, I do not want to get rid of those either. So, I just moved them to another wall and hubby helped me fold the quilt a bit better so it looks centered now.  Also, the funky pillow had to go! I actually don't know how that got there, it had to be one of the girls.  So, once that area was cleared I put my new piece up.
I already have plans to add to the area, I found some more pieces last weekend, but for now I love it! I was able to get the print for 50% off! AWESOME! HL also has great pillow covers and inserts near their fabric department, I picked these up for 50% off as well. When I went back last week I also purchased one more cover and another insert that is a brown tweed type. It is really cute and matches my new lamps.
The next area I wanted to make over was behind my door. The space is pretty small, I wish it was big enough for a shelf or small table, but it is not. The other door you see is what goes into our coat closet. It is more of a storage closet and you never know what will fall out when you open it.  So, I got a cute "Welcome" sign and some knobs to use to hang hats, scarves, the dog leash, jackets, etc.
Isn't it a CUTE area now??  I love it and it matches the other piece on the opposite wall.  I think it still needs something extra, I have an idea and hopefully will get the things for it next time I am in Hobby Lobby.

Oh! I almost forgot! I bought new lamps over the weekend! My HL location is trying to make room for new inventory so right now, they have and UNBELIEVABLE home clearance section. I found new lamps for 66% off!  I couldn't believe it! For $24 each I got two big lamps, shades and they both even had light bulbs in them. Score! I would have paid at least that for just the base at Target!
Here is the little lamp we had before in the corner near the couch.....
This is our new lamp!  Aaahhh!!!  I LOVE it! I love that it is much bigger and provides more light.  I also love that I have TWO lamps that MATCH!  I know, everyone has matching lamps right?  No, not right! I didn't....until now!  Now, I need to get a table for the other side of the couch so everything will be even.

So, what do you think so far?  Cute huh?  Be sure to check out Hobby Lobby for your next home project! You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

One last picture.....
Did I mention Hobby Lobby was having AMAZING deals when I went in over the weekend?? All of their Christmas was 80% off, then they had that fabulous home clearance section.....and they have REALLY small carts.  lol

I can't wait to share my completed look for the living room, be sure to stay tuned!

I was NOT compensated in any way for this post by Kirklands, Hobby Lobby, or any brands sold at either store. All opinions are my own.

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