The Creative Princess: Valentine's Treat Box

Valentine's Treat Box

Pick Your Plum, Living Locturo, Cupcake, Pie, Sprinkles
Last week I gave a teaser about being SUPER excited to be participating in the SoFab Valentine's Exchange. Yesterday, I posted the pic above on my FB page. This is the cute little goodie box I sent to my Valentine!
Pick Your Plum, Living Locturo, Cupcake, Pie, Sprinkles
Everyone that participated in the swap filled out a short little form to let their cupid know a few things about them. I was given my Valentine's name and knew she liked crafting, chocolate, toffee and baking. I also found out her favorite colors were gold and pink. We were given the challenge to spend no more than $5.
Pick Your Plum, Living Locturo, Cupcake, Pie, Sprinkles
I searched Pinterest to see what ideas I could come up with. As I mentioned above, I knew she LOVED chocolate. I did not want to just send chocolate so I found a recipe for Brownie Pie Pops! I used a heart cookie cuter to get the heart shape. They are SO good and I personally think they are better with just a bit of sugar sprinkled on top just before baking.
Pick Your Plum, Living Locturo, Cupcake, Pie, Sprinkles
I also wanted to send some things she could use. I had already purchased some cute cupcake liners a few weeks ago for another project, I also purchased sprinkles for Valentine's Day Doughnuts. I broke the packages of each apart and repackaged them.
Pick Your Plum, Living Locturo, Cupcake, Pie, Sprinkles
My Pops did not fit in the little box I had so I just wrapped them in parchment and bakers twine then put the cute little 'You're as Sweet as Pie' tag on it. On the little box I just simply added some Washi Tape and a Paper Doilie folded in half, and of course red and pink tissue paper on the inside.

Here is a breakdown of cost, what I used/included and where I got them from:

Brownie Pie Pops - Free! I found the recipe on Something Swanky and had all of the ingredients (and sticks) on hand.
Sprinkles and Cupcake Liners - Free! Again, I had already purchased these for another project so I had them on hand (I do tend to over buy, trust me...I still have PLENTY left for my other project). Purchased at Walmart.
Tissue Paper - Free! Seeing a trend yet? I purchased the tissue paper last year to make big tissue paper flowers with.
Sweet as Pie Tag - Free! I found the tags online at Living Locurto! She has AWESOME printables! She also happens to have a YUMMY hand pie recipe on the post with the pie tags!
Paper Doilies - Free! These were left over from MG's party last year.
Washi Tape - Free! I purchased this tape last year and had not used it yet.
Cute little gable box - $0.55! I purchased these little gable boxes from Pick Your Plum about two weeks ago.

So my total cost: $0.55 plus shipping. I think I did pretty good! I hope she loves her little goodie box as much as I do!
Pick Your Plum, Living Locturo, Cupcake, Pie, Sprinkles

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