The Creative Princess: Do you have SPOOKY windows?

Do you have SPOOKY windows?

*I received the following product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.*
A few weeks ago I saw something that came across my twitter feed. It was something I had NEVER seen or heard of before.....Wallpaper for Windows! Seriously, it was a REALLY cool product! I let the people over at Wallpaper for Windows know how cool I thought their product was and they responded by allowing me to do a review! How totally AWESOME is that?!?!

It really is no secret that I am totally afraid to look out my kitchen window at night. Totally freaks me out! The easy solution would be to put curtains up....right? Well yeah, except my kitchen is SUPER small and I need that extra light, plus I use the natural light from that window to take all my food pics for this blog. *sigh*  So I have nothing covering it, totally empty, waiting for some alien being to pop up and scare the living daylights out of me every night. Seriously, that is what runs through my head as I am doing the dishes after dinner.
I quickly decided on the Avalon Etched Glass Film and also selected to do the Trim to Size. I could not wait for my selection to be delivered!

Once I received it, I took the film out of the box and looked it over. I thought it would be sticky on the back, it's not. It is just like window cling! Totally cool!

The directions are SUPER easy to follow! You start by cleaning your windows really well, then spray with soapy water, peel backing off of film and place film on window. Since the window is wet, it makes it easy to adjust the film and place it easily. Once you have it in place, spray the front with a bit more water and smooth out any air bubbles with the super cool tool that is included, it looks like a credit card. That's it! 
That is SO much better! The little clear spaces still allow plenty of natural light to filter in but makes me feel confident an alien will not be popping up to scare me now.

My hubby thought this product was just the coolest! I think he would cover the entire house in it, if I let him, which isn't going to happen! He is already making plans to use it in our new house! HA!

Wallpaper for Windows seriously has a design for every one and every need/want!

You can find Wallpaper for Windows here:
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How/where would you use Wallpaper for Windows?

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