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This is ME!

Last weekend I went to my very first blog conference. Having never been to a blog conference before, I have nothing to compare it to. I knew going into it that it would be awesome. I knew it was going to be like a big family reunion. Why? Because I already knew over half of the attendees! I knew it was going to be a giant love fest...people walking around "Oh hey girl, your are awesome!" or "Oh my gosh! It is SO nice to finally meet you in person!". What I didn't know was just how life changing it was going to be.

The original keynote speaker was not able to make it. With less than 24 hours to prepare, our event coordinator, Jasmine, pulled out a show stopper! Her story was encouraging, inspiring, everything a closing keynote is supposed to be. You guys, she made us write love letters to ourselves! It was beyond awkward but, I did it!

One of the things she encouraged us to do was start a movement. From this point forward be nothing but ourselves. No pretending any more. I have always been nothing but myself. You want to know something, ask, I will tell you! But, there are times where I hide certain things. Like the pile of clothes in my bedroom that is so tall that it touches the bottom of the window seal. Or the mess in my living room that has been there for months. Or my dirty floors. When I take pictures of food for my blog I have to clear a spot on the counter before I can get the shot. I don't shower every day. What? I don't! Who has the time?

Jasmine challenged us to show it all. Don't hide behind the fancy instagram filters, don't crop all the stuff out. It has been said on facebook that I am some super mom. PLEASE! If you only knew! Want an example? Yesterday was dance picture day. MG had to go potty but would not stop playing long enough to put her shoes back on to go to the bathroom. I lost it. After telling both girls repeatedly to stop messing around and get over here so I could put MGs shoes on, I lost it. I grabbed a piece of lace ribbon they were twirling around and yanked it so yard it broke. This freaking MG out and starting the tears. Ugh! But don't we all have moments like that? I mean I can't be the only one....right? I lost control, it happens. 

I am not the perfect Pinterest mom. I don't want to be! Yeah, I can pull of an amazing baby shower, I make some rockin' recipes, and I know how to make things look good in a picture. But the behind the scenes? It is messy. And pretty boring. This summer I am not going to be one of those moms that marks off each day with something amazingly awesome to do with their kids. If you are that mom, that is AWESOME! I am not. We will be lucky if we make it to the summer reading program at the local library.

The pic above is of me after I woke up from a 4 hour nap on Sunday. I had just gotten home from the conference and crashed. My hair is a pile of hot mess, my mascara and eyeliner are smeared all over my face and I have giant bags under my eyes. I look like that most days, unless I have to go somewhere. Then I try to look decent. I have posted many pics on instagram but that picture is my most liked and commented on picture I have ever put on there! WOW!

I hope you join us in this movement. Don't be afraid to be yourselves. We spent our entire junior high years trying to be someone we weren't, don't let your adult years be the same. Be yourself and you will be amazed at how awesome life is! Stop hiding behind the mask! Start today! 

You can follow the #ThisIsMe movement on Twitter and Instagram!

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