The Creative Princess: Food Post Challenge - Setup

Food Post Challenge - Setup

I get asked ALL THE TIME what my setup looks like well, today you get to see behind the scenes! I have a super small kitchen, I mean seriously small people! My kitchen is the one spot in my house that gets decent natural light. I use a little 2 foot area between my stove and my sink for all of my food photography. I don't have fancy lighting, I use the natural light from my kitchen window. 
 Since I have such a small area that I shoot from, my backdrops need to be small. I use scrapbook paper and placemats for the backdrop of all of my food photos. I do sometimes use black poster board but that is rare since it takes up so much room on its own. I also use a very small light reflector that I made using a small piece of foam board wrapped in foil. This works very well for me.
This is what the behind the scenes looks like! I place the light reflector to the left of my backdrop, I use whatever I happen to have close to help hold it up. Nothing fancy here!  lol  I also use our pepper grinder behind the back piece of scrapbook paper to help hold it up. If I EVER get a larger "studio" I might invest in proper tools of the trade, but for now, this is what works for me. My entire set up cost me under $5. I know a few of you might be laughing your heads off at my pitiful little setup but, like I just said, this is what works for me.
See, my little setup TOTALLY works! 

A few other tips I want to pass on....
  • I like to use mini dishes. The bowl above is very small, it fits right in my hand. I have small plates, salad size and smaller, and the cups/glasses I use for my drinks are small as well. You don't have to use "regular" size dishes to get a great shot. Find your style and what works for you best. For me, that is scrapbook paper and mini dishes!
  • When shooting with natural light, turn off ALL other lights in the room and do not use your flash!
Next week is our last week of the Food Post Challenge. I hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have! Next week we will be talking about editing! YAY! One of my favorite things to do!
Our challenge to the bloggers this week is:
Share what your style is and share some setups you love and use!
Be sure to follow the #SoFabFoodie hashtag on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!
Food Post Challenge

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