The Creative Princess: Summer Fun Kids Crafts - Picture Frame

Summer Fun Kids Crafts - Picture Frame

It's summer time and we are nearing the end of summer break, quickly. By this time, your kids are probably bored and ready for school to start. I know mine are. Luckily, my girls LOVE doing crafts.  don't know why I didn't start this series sooner but, sometimes you just need someone to give you a boost to get going. Right? I was recently sent a box FULL of AWESOME Plaid Paints, Mod Podge, Stencils and more! Everything I needed to make awesome Plaid Kids Crafts!
The girls were SO excited as I pulled each item out of the box, one by one. Their excitement grew with each item. Since I have a pretty extensive craft stash, we got going right away!

First up, cute picture frames!

Items Needed:

Wooden Picture Frame (you can get these in the craft section of just about any store)
Scrapbook Paper
Glitter Mod Podge
Plaid Paint
Plaid Stencils
Foam Paint Brush
Craft Glue
Step 1 - Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the picture frame.
Step 2 - Carefully wet scrapbook paper with water, you not want it overly wet. Just a little damp.
Step 3 - Carefully lay paper onto frame and smooth out any bubbles.
Step 4 - Carefully trim excess paper from around the frame. Be sure to use a SHARP cutting utensil or your paper will rip.
Step 5 - Apply a thin coat of Extreme Glitter Mod Podge and allow to dry.
Step 6 - Once frame has dried, using your Plaid Stencil and Plaid Paint of choice, paint a design in the corner of your frame. {I love doing this because even if my girls pick the same paper for their frames, they can personalize each one with their design and paint choice.} Allow paint to dry and add a second or third layer as needed.
Step 7 - Once your design has dried, apply a thick layer of Extreme Glitter Mod Podge and allow to dry.
Step 8 - Once your frame is completely dry, begin gluing your ribbon around the frame. We used a craft glue but you can use a hot glue gun as well. I also like to start at the bottom and overlap my final piece just a bit.
Isn't it cute?!?! I might have to keep this one in my office. Yes, I will be keeping the family "portrait" Mads drew in it as well.  ;-)

To find out more about Plaid check them out:

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