The Creative Princess: Bathroom Makeover Update and Our Clean Routine

Bathroom Makeover Update and Our Clean Routine

Home makeovers, they never do go as planned do they? Something ALWAYS comes up and pushes your expected completion date back. I was hoping I would be able to share our awesome new bathroom makeover and our Cottonelle clean routine with you today. But, I can’t. Hubby has been working hard but, there is still a TON of work left to do.
So, instead of our completed bathroom makeover, I am going to share about the shelf I made to hold a few extra rolls of Toilet Paper. I made this to hang above the toilet in the bathroom we are making over. I love the shabby chic look so the scuffs and imperfections look great to me. I do plan to scuff it up just a bit more though.
Now to our #cottonelleroutine. We are STILL trying to teach MG how to wipe after she poops. You guys, she starts school in like a month! She HAS to get this down! I have this fear of her being kicked out of school because she can’t wipe her hiney. *SIGH*
We have used Cottonelle Toilet Paper for YEARS, so naturally I incorporated their FreshCare Wipes into our care routine to help MG learn to wipe properly. Do you use flushable wipes for your kids? They are lifesavers! MGs biggest fear is getting poop on her hand, I have to agree that is a pretty valid fear. I mean really, who wants THAT on their hand? Not this mama!
Since we were running low on toilet paper, we decided to head to Target and get in on a GREAT deal for Cottonelle. When you bought 2 18 packs of Cottonelle, you received a package of their FreshCare Wipes for FREE! Awesome deal!
When we got home, I put a few extra rolls of toilet paper in my new shelf and placed the wipes on the top of the shelf. That way everything is easily reachable. I then set out to teach MG how to use the wipes herself. She felt better using the wipes than toilet paper because the wipes cover a larger area. While she still doesn’t have it down, she is getting there! PHEW! I will be using these last few weeks of summer break to really work with her so she can do it on her own. She is excited about school and knows she has to be able to wipe on her own or she can’t go. She is very eager to get this down thanks to our Cottonelle clean routine!

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