The Creative Princess: Pre-K Prep | Snacktime with Lunchables Jr.

Pre-K Prep | Snacktime with Lunchables Jr.

 I can't believe my baby starts school this year! I have been dreading this day all summer. School starts next week and my heart is already racing and breaking into a million pieces. Even now, as I write this, I am crying. I am going to miss my little stinker! Part of being a mom is training your kids to be able to survive in school. We learned when Mads was in 4K that the kids must be able to open their own packages during lunchtime and snacktime. So, off to Walmart MG and I went to search for some snacks for her to practice with. We settled on some Lunchables Jr.
Lunchables Jr. is exclusive to Walmart and can be found with the Baby Food. They come in 4 varieties: Blueberry Bonanza, Very Berry Crunch, Ants on a Log and Teddy Bear Picnic. I love that each come with real fruit, that helps get more fruit into MGs little body which is important to me.
I wasn't sure how MG would do with opening her own package, I usually open things like this for her. She did need a bit of help with her milk but, was able to get the Lunchables Jr. package open just fine. She did spill a bit of it on the table, but just a few pieces.
I just can't believe how big she is. Where did my baby go? It seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital and now, she is independent, super sassy and ready for school. *sigh* I know she is ready, but I'm not. Not at ALL! I want her to stay little forever. Without the tantrums, of course.
Have a BLAST at school this year sweet MG. Mommy loves you SO much!

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