The Creative Princess: Counting Down with Disney Princesses

Counting Down with Disney Princesses

Unless you are new to this blog, you know we love ALL things Disney. Mostly the Disney Princesses, and especially Ariel. You also know that we are going to Walt Disney World soon. Yes, I know you are sick of the countdown posts. I know, I know. But, we are SUPER excited and I am just trying to spread that excitement with you, you only have to put up with them for less than a month now.

22 DAYS to be exact! 

22 DAYS!

Eeek!! My mind is racing just thinking about everything I STILL have to get done. I also only have 20 days to remember where I stashed some of the surprises for the girls. That one might be tricky. Like, where did I put our tickets for the Halloween Party? Anyone? Yeah, I can't remember either.
To celebrate our continuing WDW Countdown, we had a Disney Princess Party last week to celebrate being less than a month away from our trip. Unlike the other parties/countdown events, this one was a complete surprise to the girls. Did you hear their screams of excitement when they walked in the house? I don't think I have EVER heard them scream that loud before, and trust me, their screams are ridiculously loud on a regular basis.
I didn't have time to make cupcakes this time, plus there were only the 4 of us at this party so I didn't want to end up with an extra 20+ cupcakes. Luckily, I found these yummy cupcakes in a 4 pack at our local Walmart. Perfect! They were a vanilla cupcake with a vanilla cream center and vanilla bean buttercream. They were delicious! I purchased a package of little crowns in the party section, broke the comb part off and sat them on top of the cupcakes. I added a bit of glitter tulle to give the stand a bit of a pop.
A few months ago, my friend Tonia over at The Gunny Sack, hosted a Princess Dream Party. She made the cutest cups for her party using a bit of melted chocolate and sprinkles. I thought I had pink sprinkles, turns out they were red. That wouldn't work. So, I improvised and tinted some sugar with a bit of food coloring. I didn't get the look I wanted but, the color still fit in with the party colors.
I also made two CUTE centerpieces using some silk roses and #DisneyPrincesPlay Princess Ariel and Princess Belle Crowns. I was once in direct sales and sold housewares for one of those party companies. One thing I learned was how to turn too tall flowers into the perfect height for smaller vases. In the video below, you will see the process. All you do is bend each flower down and scrunch together. I added about 4 or 5 bunches of flowers to each vase. Then, I just simply sat the crowns on top, hiding the combs. *Just a warning, you might want to turn your sound off/down. There is a LOT of background noise.

This week, we plan on making a Paper Chain Countdown with purple, pink and turquoise scrapbook paper. I am also getting our travel binder together and printing out our itinerary. In a few weeks I plan to pick up The Little Mermaid on DVD, and I might take the girls to go see it on the big screen if it comes near us.

I am going to miss all of these fun countdown parties we have been having. I might have to keep this up once a month as just a fun family thing. Be sure to check out my Disney Diaries section for more fun Disney posts!

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