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To say I LOVE Pick Your Plum is an understatement. Seriously. I have been in love with this flash sale site for a few years now. I really didn't think they could make me love them any more.

I was wrong. WAY wrong.

Starting today, they are changing things up! Instead of offering just one sale a day, they are now offering two! And the deals? Well, they now last for 72 hours, or until they run out of product. On top of that....they are now offering deals on the weekend! WHAT WHAT!

Who's excited?  Umm...this girl right here...ME!

Ok, so I might be a little obsessed. If you haven't jumped on the Plum wagon yet, what in the world are you waiting for?!?! Get over there and sign up so you don't miss one single, totally awesome, amazingly wonderful, offer! 

You can thank me later....just don't tell your husbands where I live, they might not be very thankful.  ;-)

The only thing that could possibly make me love them even more, is that seriously even possible? Ok, well it is. I would love them 20million more times if they offered Paypal as a payment option. but then again, maybe it is a good thing they don't make it THAT easy for me.

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