The Creative Princess: Top 5 Items to Pack for Summer Camp - Make Bake Create Week 68

Top 5 Items to Pack for Summer Camp - Make Bake Create Week 68

Welcome to Week 68 of the Make Bake Create Party!

Just to refresh, every Wednesday come and link up your favorite projects from the week. This could be any food, recipes, crafts or DIY!   Since there are 5 hosts... your link will be seen on 5 blogs at once.  SWEET!   

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I am coming to you this week from CHURCH CAMP!!  AH!
I never went to church camp as a child, I can tell you as an adult, it is SO AWESOME! I thought I would share my Top 5 Items to Pack for Summer Camp with you this week.

1. SUNSCREEN! I can not tell you the amount of kids that do not bring sunscreen. The kids (and adults) are out in the sun 75% of the day. PLEASE be sure to pack sunscreen.

2. Towels. Right behind sunscreen, the #2 things forget, a towel. I know! But they do! lol 2-3 towels for a 4-7 day camp is plenty! As long as they have one for the pool and one for showers, they are good to go.

3. Baggies. Weird, right? Not so much! If you pack your kids (or yours) clothes in plastic bags, when they change, they can slip them right back in the bag. This is especially great if the clothes are wet, or stinky, then they don't get the rest of their things wet/stinky.

4. Two Extra Sets of Clothes - OR MORE. Like I said before, kids get stinky....and sticky....and wet....and messy at camp. Just to be safe, toss in two extra sets of clothes. That way, they don't have to do the sniff test to find an outfit that will be OK to wear to chapel. EW. Also, keep an eye on the weather, if it is going to be rainy at all, add in one or two additional extra sets. Trust me.

5. Notebook and Pen. It is inevitable that your kids will make new friends at camp. Since phones and other electronic devices normally aren't allowed at camp, they will need something to jot down their new friends contact info. 

What is on YOUR must pack list?
I can't wait to see what you all link up this week!

The Creative Princess

With that's time to link up!

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