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It's a word said in a hushed voice in most circles, like it's something bad. Most families don't even talk about it. Even people that do open up about it are just brushed off.


My name is Brandi Morgan and I have suffered the effects of depression. Both as the patient and as a loved one. You see, the thing about depression, it is a disease that does not discriminate. People are often times "shocked" to hear someone has/had depression.


In my personal experience as the patient, it wasn't that I did not love my family and/or friends. It wasn't that I was not grateful for them. I also knew they loved me. You see, depression is a funny thing. It affects us all differently, for different reasons, it is never the same with every person. It's not like a cold, where you know you will have a runny nose, you know you will have watery eyes, you know your throat will be scratchy and you know you will feel like poo for about 3 days. No. Depression is very different for each and every person. 

Some suffer in silence for years. Some it comes and goes in waves. Some it is only there after you have had a child. Some go about their days looking happy on the outside, telling jokes, making others feel happy and loved though they themselves are suffering on the inside. Torn with sadness and a darkness that is hard to explain. They try to reach out, to let others in on their secret, but nobody truly catches on.

Those that are depressed can't just 'get over it', go have some chocolate or ice cream, go watch a funny movie and be ok. Sure, they will laugh and have a good time while doing those things, but the darkness they face when that is over does not just go away by thinking happy thoughts. There is a difference between being sad and being depressed. 

Depression is real. Here are some ways to help and what to look for.

My name is Brandi Morgan and I have made great strides against depression. There is help and hope out there. I love you all!

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