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Growing with Jesus

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This year we started something new with the girls. After a LOT of discussion, research, and more discussion, my hubby and I decided we wanted to homeschool our girls this year. It has been hard, I am not going to lie. Last week was the hardest yet. But, it has been awesome! 

As I was researching how to build our day, I decided I wanted to add in a short daily devotional. Have you guys ever tried to find a good devotional for your kids? Oh my goodness! There are so many options it is VERY overwhelming. How was I ever going to figure it out?
Like I said before, I wanted it short. I knew I could not hold MGs attention long, but I still wanted something that kept Mads engaged. I sent an email to a friend asking her advice and within minutes she shot back a list for me to check out! After looking at a few reviews, I decided on Growing with Jesus. I have to admit, the cover is what initial got me. It is so cute! I also loved that there were cute pictures, a daily verse and a short relatable story.

My girls love the daily activities and the 'My Amazing World' facts. Not only are they learning about God, they are learning about themselves and the world around them.
I also love that there is a Subject Index. If your child is dealing with bullies, let's say, just flip to the subject index and see what pages in the devo talk about this and help your child through it. 
There is also an 'Amazing Facts' index! I plan to utilize this a lot! I love that I can incorporate this into our lessons.

I am so glad we started incorporating this devo into our homeschool day! 

If you are looking for a great devotional for yourself, or your kids, be sure to check out the selection at!

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