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History Made Easy

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When we started this Homeschool journey, one of the questions that kept popping up in my head was how am I going to get all the history in. There is just SO MUCH to learn. I purchased a first edition history book, from the 70s (HA!), that I LOVE, but I still wanted to build on that.

I remembered that Mads absolutely loved the 'Who Was' books, so I started there. We started out learning about the early states, so I started with the Johnny Appleseed book. I loved that what we were covering in our lesson, was also covered in the fun book we were reading.
I also LOVE that these books have a bit of science tossed in! I had planned on just doing whatever for science this year, and well....that hasn't worked out very well yet. Tying in our history lesson, with a science lesson that goes along with it is just an added bonus! We also plan to do a cooking lesson (hello math and more science), we are going to make applesauce and apple butter.
There are just SO MANY side lessons we can do with just this book alone! I can't wait to dig into the others and see what all we can do with them! The books are not very long at all. We only read about 2-3 pages per day to spread it out and make it last through the length of our history lesson. That also gave us time to do any special projects to go along with the book.
While my friends at Family Christian no longer carrier the 'Who Was' line, they still have a WONDERFUL selection of other great history books for kids!

Here are my Top 5 Supplemental History Books for Kids:

I would LOVE to know some of your favorite books to supplement with your history lessons! Leave me a comment below, we can always use more books! 

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