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For Such a Time as This

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You know when you find a group of friends and you just sit back in amazement when you think of just how awesome they are? I am SO lucky to have a group like that in my life. I am even luckier to have this group in my girls' lives. 
It is so very important to me for my girls to see the relationships I have with these women. The way we interact and love each other. It is important they see that even though each one of these women are very, very different, we still come together in love and laughter.
It is also important to me that my girls see the relationships that these wonderful women have with their families. I am lucky enough to be close friends with two AMAZING families. We do things together, as families, we also do things together just the moms and kids. I love that my girls see these strong families and know that these families are there for them should they ever need them.
In the times that we live in now, it is so important to have those around you that you can turn to. We are lucky to have that. I thank God for these amazing friends every day. Each of these women have influenced my life, and my girls' lives. They show us how to be strong, how to love, how to be sincere, how to be loving and how to care for each other. Yes, I teach my girls this on my own. But, it is awesome to have others that we are close to show them this as well.
 I was sent the book 'For Such a Time as This: Stories of Women of the Bible - Retold for Girls' and I can't tell you how much it means to me. There are so many stories of men in the Bible, but there are also SO many stories of women in the Bible. Growing up, the stories I learned always seemed to focus around the men. 
I have not shared this book with my girls yet, I am saving it for Christmas. But I know I will love sharing these stories that put the focus on the women of the Bible with them. As I have been reading through the book, I have been learning so much! As I said before, it is important that my girls see how to be strong, loving, caring, how to be good friends. This book helps show them exactly that through the women of the Bible.
The illustrator did such a beautiful job bringing the stories to life. The scene is set for us to finish making up the rest of the "movie" in our heads. Do  you read like that? When I read I make up a mini movie in my head, thanks to the amazing job the illustrator did, the movies have been beautiful throughout this book.
Another thing I love is that it encourages the girls to pray for a friend. It is so important to pray others. I am SO excited to start using this book during our devotional time, I am having such a hard time saving it for Christmas! 
Would you like to purchase your own copy? How would you like to purchase it for FREE? My friends at Family Christian are allowing me to giveaway a $25 Appreciation Certificate! How awesome is that? 

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