The Creative Princess: Joey and Rory Country Classics Review

Joey and Rory Country Classics Review

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So yes, I may actually live under a rock. I don't know much about Joey and Rory. The extent of my knowledge of this amazing couple comes from a post every once in a while that my good friend Anna Marie shares on Facebook.

When an opportunity came up to review Joey and Rory Country Classics DVD, I jumped on it. From what little I knew of them, I knew I wanted to learn more. Can I just say....oh my goodness! What a precious couple!
Joey & Rory Country Classics Review #FCBlogger
The focus of the DVD is supposed to be about the Classic Country hits they sing, quilted perfectly throughout the show. Songs like Paper Roses, King of the Road, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry and so many more! But, my focus was on them, during the times when Bill Gather was interviewing them.

Did you know they have an absolutely BEAUTIFUL farm in Tennessee? They have a family restaurant and the beautiful red barn on their property? Oh my goodness! Rory mentioned that when they built the barn it was to work on cars, but they added on. They added a stage and hold concerts in their barn! How fun would that be to attend?
We met their daughters Heidi and Indiana during the movie. What precious girls they are! Heidi has a beautiful voice. And Indiana? What a sweetie pie! You can tell they love both of their girls so much.

I absolutely loved watching Joey and Rory interact with each other. While one was talking, the other looked so lovingly at them. Their love radiated so purely from their hearts. During one of the scenes, they were talking about Indiana's birth, how they trusted God would take care of their baby so they did not have an ultrasound or any tests ran. They talked about finding out she had Down Syndrome and also finding out Joey had cancer. It was so touching and made you want to just reach through your TV and give them both hugs.
Joey opened up about not wanting kids. Then she realized that she may be missing out on one of God's callings for her life and just handed motherhood over to God. At the end, Gloria Gather prays for the couple and Indiana and said the most beautiful thing "When we trust God with our greatest fears, we discover our greatest joys." Think about that for a second. That is SO true! Why let your greatest fears grip control over your life? Let them go, give them to God and oh the joy that will come!

Joey and Rory Country Classics is a great DVD for those Classic Country fans in your life! Oh what am I talking about? This really is a great DVD for nearly everyone on your list this holiday season. I hope, if you watch this DVD, you will be as blessed as I was after watching it.

Oh and Joey, if you are reading this, I would LOVE to have your recipe for Angel Biscuits!

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