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Being {P}resent

This post is sponsored by Family Christian. All opinions are my own.
Last year I decided on the word Change for my 'word of the year'. This year, my word is Present.


Being, existing or occurring at this time or now. At this time. Being with one or others. Being here.


Over the last year, many, MANY things have changed. There have been divorces, marriages, babies being born, loved ones lost, illnesses, decisions were made. Lives were forever changed. I'm not going to lie, 2014 was a TOUGH year. I grew and learned a LOT about myself, my husband, our marriage, our children, our families and our friends. Our world was rocked more than once last year. 
 One of the major changes that occurred in 2014, we decided to start homeschooling. You guys. That was a HARD decision. The first few months were HARD. Our relationships with the girls changed....for the better. We have all learned SO MUCH. This change was good!
Because of all of the change that happened last year, being Present just seems like a natural choice for this year. 

I will be more present in the lives of my girls. 

But you homeschool, how is that even possible to be MORE present? 

Well yeah, I do homeschool. But I also work from home part time. I still battle my addiction to the world that is Facebook. My addiction to Pinterest has been broken. WooHoo! So, I am going to step back from the screen even MORE this year. We will go to the park, ride our bikes, play games, read books, HAVE Present.

I will be Present in the lives of my friends.

I will be there...and I MEAN IT! I WILL call or text to check in on you. I WILL surprise you with meals, gifts, things I think you would like at any given time. You have been warned.  :)

I will be Present in my marriage.

I will think before I speak. I will put my phone down when it's just the two of us. I will give all of me.

I will be Present in my time with God.

This is a big one for me. I will set time aside and make God a priority in my life. I will be Present in my prayer time.
Yeah, I pray, but I am not very Present in my prayer a lot of the time. When I pray at night, I tend to fall asleep. Could you imagine talking to your friend and just fall asleep? HA! But, where do I start with this?

I recently received a copy of Max Lucado's new book 'Before Amen'. You guys. I needed this book in my life! Have you ever read a book and just nodded your head in agreement, page, after page, after page?

The thing I liked best, how easy he makes praying. Inside the book, you will find the Pocket Prayer. Mr. Lucado puts prayer simply. Start by thanking God, ask for help and forgiveness, ask for help for your friends, loved ones, leaders, thank God. 
Yes, prayer is lined out in the Bible, through the Lord's prayer. But you know, sometimes I just need someone to take my hand and say "Brandi, this, this is how to not be a prayer wimp."

In the back of the book is a study guide and even MORE help with Prayer Strengths. I am about halfway through the study guide right now. I am so excited to start putting everything I have learned, and continue to learn, into practice.


My name is Brandi Morgan and this year, I will be PRESENT!

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