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37 DAYS!!!!


Did you hear that?



We have reached the part in the countdown that we are now down to WEEKS and not MONTHS!

OH! MY! GOSH!  I am SO excited!!!!

37 DAYS until we are Disney bound!

We have also reached the part in the countdown that I start to freak out because I still have SOOOO much to do!

The girls both need some new shorts and shoes.  John and I need new shoes, I need a few pieces of clothing that aren't jeans.

I need to get my binder organized with all of our reservation paperwork, coupons, etc.

I need to start {and finish} autograph books for the girls.

I need to start {and finish} shirts and maybe a dress or two for the girls.

I need to make our packing list and go shopping to get the little things that I was waiting until the last minute to get.

We have reached the last minute point!

Let the stressing BEGIN!

37 DAYS!!!!!

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GREAT Deal!!!

I have an exclusive deal for you today!  

How exciting!  

Grab this AWESOME Groupon for only $25!!

HURRY!  This won't last long!

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Homemade Challenge - Week 3 Review

How did you do this week?
I was a MAJOR slacker!  lol  Since I made so much bread during week 2 we were still good for week 3.

Let's see, my SIL and her family came into town last week so we ate out the first night.  My hubby worked evenings ALL last week so it was just the girls and I.  We did end up eating out a few nights this week, we just do when it is the three of us.  I don't feel like cooking a massive meal when hubby isn't home.  Plus it was HOT last week and that mean my kitchen will reach 5000 degrees when I use my oven and that just isn't cool.  

I do plan on making some breadsticks for a dinner my Prims Class is hosting this week.  If you are in our area come and support us!  It is totally FREE!  We are accepting donations though, the girls would like to have t-shirts with the Prims Club logo on them.

Good luck with week 4!  Can you believe it has been a month already?  I know!  Me neither!

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Homemade Challenge - Week 2 Review

Yes, I know we are WELL into week 3 and it is in fact almost over.

Yes, I do know I have been a {BIG} slacker this week.

However, {LAST} week, I was not and was really busy.

I made the cinnamon rolls I had frozen from week one and even used those to take to an event.

I made 2 more loafs of bread.

I also made homemade pizza bites (that recipe will be here soon).

Everything turned out great!  I will be reworking that cinnamon roll recipe though, WAY too sweet for me!

How was week 2 for you?

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Le Cellier - Chedder Cheese Soup Recipe Review

I first talked about this soup here.  

I have to admit, was not real eager to try this soup.  I can not stand the taste of beer.  PERIOD!  It doesn't take much in a recipe for me to be able to taste it.  With that being said, the soup wasn't bad.  I would try it with ginger ale next time though.

Before I tell you what I thought of the soup I need to be fair and tell you about some changes I made to the recipe.

First, the recipe tells you to cook the bacon just to render out the fats, not to make crispy.  I did not render out enough of the fats and in fact next time, I would cook the bacon until it IS crispy.  I don't like limp bacon, I like my bacon extra crispy.

Second, I TOTALLY forgot to cook down the onions and celery before adding the flour!  Ummmm......ooops!

So my bacon was limp and my veggies were crispy!  HAHA!

Next, I am not on a budget to be able to purchase "Aged White Cheddar" so good ol Yellow Sharp Cheddar it was!

I did NOT add one tablespoon salt!  Oh my word!  That is a TON of salt!  Especially when your cheese is salty and half the other ingredients have a ton of sodium in them.  I added one TEASPOON and I thought that was too much, I also don't add salt to anything I cook (most of the time, there are some exceptions) so next time I think I will cut it down to 1/2tsp.

I also thought there was far too much pepper.

SO!  After all of review.....

This is a REALLY good soup!  My very picky 5 year old LOVED it, my husband LOVED it, I didn't LOVE it so much.  I think after I make the adjustments I want to make I will LOVE it also.

I can't wait to try the real thing!

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Homemade Challenge Week 1 Review

So, I started my challenge yesterday.  We finally ran out of what bread we had.  I decided to make the PW Cinnamon Rolls that I talked about here and also my Flitter Dough.

Let me tell you!  When PW says to use a medium saucepan, she really means a BIG one that you make a lot of spaghetti sauce or chili in.  Seriously!  You will need a big one if you don't halve the recipe.  I was able to make 50 cinnamon rolls and one loaf of bread out of the Cinnamon Roll dough!


FIFTY Cinnamon Rolls!  FIFTY!  AND a loaf of bread!

Needless to say, those babies were covered and placed in the freezer for later and I baked the bread today.  YUMMMMMEEEEEEEE!!!!

And the flitters?  Well I actually made those to make the bread out of.  I decided to use it ALL for flitters instead.  YUM!

So....what did you make during week 1?

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Happy Monday!

Mads rose from Daddy

Well, here we are again.  Another Monday.  When I worked I always hated Monday.  It meant I had to take my precious little girl back to daycare and make the long drive to the Real Estate office.  Then I would make the long drive home, rush to get dinner done, rush to spend an ounce of time with my baby, rush to get to bed.  I loved the weekends that I had all day, every Saturday and Sunday, to spend with my little family.  When Monday came around again it would mean back to the grind and back to not much time being spent with my girl.

Now that I don't work, it is just another day.  Especially during the summer.  Nothing really special about it, I will eventually get up and clean something.  Probably the kitchen......again.  Then the dining room.

We had a pretty busy weekend.  It was the Mads recital.  She did a great job, got a bit frustrated during her first dance because girls kept jumping in front of her, but she did her best and that is all that matters.

She just loves to sing and dance.  Her days during the summer are spent dancing around the house and making up songs.  Some of them are pretty good, others there are others.  ;-)

This years recital was a bit boring to us.  I am guessing this is how it will be for the years to come until it is her last one.  Last year was her very first recital and we had all the excitement of it being the first.  But, just as much as she loves to dance, I love to watch her.  She is really very good.

After the recital we went for the traditional ice cream.  That was an event.  MG wanted nothing but chocolate milk but we got her ice cream anyway, she did not know that.  As we were walking out of Braum's she realized every one but her was holding ice cream.  SO!  What else does a two year old do?  She threw a fit and threw her milk on the ground.  Thank goodness no one was in range of the giant splash!  Oh my!

One last pic!  This is the result of a VERY long day and trying to eat ice cream in a dark car.  :-)

Happy Monday!  I hope you have a great one and I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

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I have been challenged

Pic by winnond editing by me.

So, in case you forgot we are going to Disney in August!!!


As a matter of fact we have exactly.....60 DAYS until we ARRIVE at WDW!!

Can I get another


So, since we are officially in CRUNCH TIME my hubby has issued me a challenge.


It's ok, I think I can handle this challenge.

Because of my MAD creative couponing skills we have a pretty decent stockpile (please note I did say stockpile, not hoardpile).  With the exception of fresh meat, fresh veggies, fresh fruit and milk we are set!  Oh and except for bread (I will get to that in a bit though).

So, for things like bread, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, pizza crust, etc that I might not have in my stockpile I have been challenged to make.  Good thing I like LOVE to bake!

Yes, I have been challenged to make things from *GASP*......... scratch!  This should be fun!  I am a decent baker, did you know I once baked dessert and breads for a local restaurant?  I did!  LOVED it to.  Kitchen was a constant mess though.  lol  Not mess like yucky dirty you have bugs, mess like there was flour every where.

So, from TODAY until we depart for 60 DAYS....I will be making lots of things from scratch.  WooHoo!!

Just in case you want to know what is first on my list, I have decided to make The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls!  YUUUUUM!  I figure I can match a batch or two of these up and freeze until we are ready to eat them.

So, who wants to join me in this 2 month challenge??

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