The Creative Princess: Top 10 Black Friday Tips and Tricks

Top 10 Black Friday Tips and Tricks

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**This post has been updated for the 2013 Black Thursday/Friday Tips, be sure to check it out!**

Are you ready? Do you get out in the craziness that is Black Friday?

Black Friday to me is a tradition. I love getting up and going shopping with my mom and aunts. It is rare I actually purchase anything, except when we go to Bath & Body (that is when I stock up). Over the years I have become more aware and have been taught some awesome tips and tricks to help get through the craziness that is Black Friday.  Here are my Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Tips!

1.) Start NOW! It actually is NOT too early to start shopping, it isn't too late either. Did you know you DO NOT have to get up at 3am to get the best deals on your must have items? It may be beneficial to you to keep a list of items people want/need and shop for them all year. This will allow you to get THE BEST deal!

2.) Add Items to Your Cart NOW! I just got word that Kohl's will offer their deals online starting at 12:01am WEDNESDAY November 21st!  That is two days before the in-store sale starts! Amazon is also one that starts their sale early. They actually have a week long BF sale!  If you see something on a site that you just can't live without or you think someone would LOVE, put it in your cart NOW! This way, when the BF sale goes live you can get it before it's gone!

3.) Avoid the Crowds This pretty much goes with #2. Most stores put their sales live online before the sale goes live in store. This allows you to get exactly what you want, at home, stress free, in your jammies!

4.) Earn Money While You Shop! Shop through a site such as Swagbucks, Ebates or any other "extra deal" sites. You will receive a percentage back on your purchases when shopping through these sites, this allowing you to put some extra $$ in your pocket!

5.) Sign up for Swagbucks! Since we are on the subject, sign up for! Use them EVERY TIME you search for something! I also use them anytime I go to ANY site, even if I have been to that site a million times.  Want to check in on Facebook? Search Facebook on Swagbucks first! Why? Because you can earn points when you search! You can then turn those points into all kinds of things, my favorite is Amazon gift cards. There are also a ton of other ways to earn points while you are on Swagbucks. I paid for nearly all of our Christmas last year with the Amazon Cards I earned!

6.) Follow Black Friday Sites! Want to see the Black Friday ads early? Maybe you want to be among the first to know when stores offer special deals? My favorite sites are Black Friday at and Be sure to follow them on Facebook as well!

7.) Set Google Alerts! If there is an item that you just HAVE to HAVE set up a Google Alert for it and be alerted when it goes on sale!

8.) Use Coupons! Unless specifically stated you CAN use coupons/coupon codes!  In fact, a LOT stores put coupons out specifically for Black Friday! Some stores even allow you to stack your coupons for this day ONLY! At Bath and Body Works a few years ago we found about 6 coupons that we were able to stack and save TONS of money!  It was seriously a ridiculous amount that we saved. Last year I noticed they changed their policy and did not have near as many coupons out. Use sites such as to check for online coupons codes!

9.) Get Free Shipping! You can sign up for a 30 Day Trial at! If you plan to shop online I would sign up here, work it to where you are covered for the entire holiday season by waiting just a few days before Black Friday to sign up! You can also sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime and receive FREE two day shipping for a month! At the end of your trial you are able to purchase Prime for a year for $79. However! You can split this with up to 5 people! That's just over $15 each for the year! If you use Amazon a lot, that is totally worth it! Plus, you get other benefits with your membership...not just free shipping.

10.) Get the Lowest Price! Isn't that what it is all about? If you are shopping online you can use sites such as to make sure you are getting the lowest available price.

These are just a FEW of the great tips and tricks out there! Be sure to keep an eye on, she shares TONS of tips and Hot Deals!!!!  Also, keep an eye on the Forums while you are there! There will soon be a section just for Black Friday deals!

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