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Take your daughter to work day

Today is take your child to work day.  This "holiday" was founded in 1993 as Take Our Daughters to Work Day.  Back in the day it was a time to introduce girls to the working world at a young age and help build her self-esteem.  In 2003 the day was changed to include sons.

For many years (ok, like 2 or 3) I went to work with my mom on this day.  It was pretty boring actually.  lol  Yeah, it was fun to see what she did and meet her work friends and such but just sitting there all day wasn't very fun.  I have great memories of the day and cherish the time I had with her though.  At the time I went with her they did not offer programs like a lot of workplaces do now.  This is what happens when you are one of the first to pave the path of history though.  I guess.  lol  I do remember one time I went with her she got an email (it was a joke/riddle thing) involving the Monkees (the band), or maybe it was U2, it doesn't really matter.  Just insert a band.  The object was to get all of the guys across some bridge in a timely manner so they would not be late for their concert.  Only one person could walk across the bridge at a time and there were some other "rules" that I don't remember right now.  Anyway, I was the only person to figure out how to get them all across.  I felt pretty awesome about that!  HAHA!

Today though, I am now a mom.  While I do "work" it isn't anything that my girls don't already see on a daily basis.  So today, MG is helping daddy and Mads is at school.  MG usually stays by my side so it is nice to get the brake today, not that I don't LOVE being with her but sometimes you just have to get certain things done and it is easier without a monkey climbing on you.  lol
Hubs is fixing my brakes, changing my oil and doing some other things to my car.  He will be mowing later on today but she will be inside for that.  I love that he loves to spend time with the girls and does not mind them "helping" him.  I think it is important for all children to learn how to do basic things in life, like cook, change the oil in your car, do laundry, change a tire, etc.  It should not matter if you are a boy or a girl, everyone needs to be able to do a few basic things as an adult.
So today is a pretty low key Take Your Daughter to Work Day for us.  I would love to know if you all took your children to work with you today, I know if you are a SAHM or WAHM they are always at work with you.  If you are a SAHM or a WAHM are you doing anything special to "celebrate" today?

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Weekend Wrap-Up

This past weekend was our "off" weekend.  The hubs was working and we had no real plans.  Mads was out of school on Friday so she went to a sleep-over Thursday night.  She had a BLAST!  This was only her 2nd sleep-over and of course this mama worried a bit.  Will she behave?  Will she have fun?  Will she pick up after herself?  What if she needs me?

She behaved, she had a blast, she picked up after herself, she didn't need me.  My baby is growing up, my little butterfly is starting to spread her wings...just a bit.  She got to feed horses and cows and dogs and cats!  HA!  She got to sleep in the living room and was the first one up before any one else in the house.  They ate candy and cookies and she doesn't remember what was for dinner.  For breakfast she had some fruit and a cinnamon roll.

That night MG and I went to watch a girl from church tryout for the varsity cheer squad.  They had 20 or so girls try out and our friend, I would say, was in the top 5-8 of the group.  She was really good.  One of the girls ended up snapping her knee and an ambulance had to be called in, poor thing.  I am not sure if she tore or broke something.  All of the girls, except the one that got hurt, ended up making the squad.  I will NEVER understand why they allow that.  Why hold tryouts in the first place if all of them are going to end up making it?  It seriously blows my mind.
After that MG and I went out to eat then came home and went to bed.  I like early nights like that and miss them.  When Mads was little I remember coming home, cooking, giving her a quick bath then it was in bed by 7pm.  For both of us.  It was great!  Can't do that so much any more, it is rare we are in bed by 9pm now.

Friday we took our time getting ready and I told the girls I had a surprise for them.  Mads asked if we were going to walk or drive.  We would drive....then walk once we got there.  She asked if it was close or far, I said she would have to wait and see.  MG asked if we were going shopping, no.  We made a few stops along the way then as we got closer Mads let out a LOUD "I KNOW!  ZOO!"

Yep, we went back to the zoo.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day, kind of chilly actually.  We timed it just right and got there as about 6 schools were leaving.  Phew!  I hate being at the zoo when it is super busy.  The girls were hungry so we made our way to the cafe.  On the way we saw a cute little family of geese.  The girls just thought they were the cutest things EVER!
After lunch the girls wanted to play on the playground, when daddy comes with us we don't normally get to enjoy the playground.  So, I let them play for a few minutes.  Then MG got stuck on one of the little contraptions, I decided it was time to move on once getting her unstuck.
After the playground we went into one of only a few buildings that is currently open, most of the others are closed for renovation right now.  I don't know what the building is called but if you have ever been to the Tulsa Zoo I am sure you refer to it as "The Smelly One".  I don't know why it smells SO bad but, it is pretty awful.  The smelly building is home to monkey's, lizards, fish, flamingos and other random birds.  We had a really good time watching one of the monkey families.  There was a newish baby and he would walk by and fling his mama's tail.  She would then kind of jump at him like she was going to get him so he would take off running the other directions.  Then he would slowly make his way back over to her, stopping to eat a few bugs along the way.  Then when he got really close he would reach up, grab her tail, climb up a branch and JUMP!  Thus resulting in the little guy swinging from his mama's tail.  HAHA!  It was SO funny to watch!
The new sea lion exhibit is right beside the smelly building so when we were done we walked over to watch the sea lions sleep.  We found a cool new part of the exhibit we did not see last time.  It is like a little cave!  You walk down, go inside and you can see underwater!  It is the neatest thing!  I took a couple panoramic shots so you could see it all.
The little fish have people's names on them, not sure who they are or how they got their names there though.
We walked around a bit more, looked at a few more animals, jumped in a few puddles, almost got attacked by a goose and had a good time.
Before we left we decided to ride the train....
Yep, we were the only ones that road the train!  HA!  That was pretty cool.  The only other time I have been on the zoo train with no one else was when my cousin had a seizure on it when we were little.  That was CRAZY!  This time was not near as crazy.  After the round-trip train ride we road the carousal.  There was only one other family on it at the the guy let us go around an extra time for free.  Sweet!
Then it was a quick stop to potty and get a sucker from the gift shop.  As we got to our car I thought I had better start looking for my keys.  I searched my purse, the stroller, my jacket, my pockets, my purse, the stroller again.  Yep, NO WHERE to be found.  UGH!  So, I looked in the car.  There they were, right by MG's seat.  Fantastic.  Luckily my mom saved the day and called AAA!
It took Joe from AAA Oklahoma about 15-20 minutes to get there and work his magic.
SO thankful for my mom, AAA and Joe!  Also thankful it was a nice day, had it been hot I would have been cranky and that just would not have been good.

Once I had my keys again we made our way home.  The girls were out before we hit the highway.  We stopped for dinner closer to home and I decided to go over an old bridge I always drive by.  It was pretty cool!
Once home it was an early to bed night....again.

Saturday Mads went to work with daddy and MG and I went to Walmart.  I got some new pots to transplant some flowers, some new flowers, a few pots for my veggies and some dirt.  When we got home I replanted everything and MG played with her sidewalk chalk.

Sunday was church and relaxing.

It was a pretty fun, not too stressful weekend.  And don't worry, we aren't going to the zoo again this weekend.  We actually have a road trip planned!  WooHoo!  I should have all kinds of stories to share with you next Monday!

Oh and...tonight I am going to Zumba again.  Pray for me!

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I took the #OdwallaCFK Challenge, you can too! #cbias

A few weeks ago, I told you about this months Simple Service Project with Odwalla and Champions for kids.  I got the word out that I would be collecting new/used items to be donated to the local Little League organization.
I learned along the way that most of the people in my town pass their equipment down to friends or family that need it.  While the response to my drive was small I was glad to learn this is a natural thing for most around here to do anyway.  It warms my heart to know of so many families being blessed by the generosity of others.  Getting a pair of soccer shoes may not seem like a big deal to you but to many that can't afford it or worry if they will be able to, it is a huge blessing.
Last week I set up a juice bar before children's church started.  The kids play hard before church starts and I knew they would love a special treat.  Most of them were a little hesitant to try the new juices, a lot of them had never heard of Odwalla.  There were a few that just did NOT like the juices but most LOVED them.  The hands down favorite was the SuperFruit juice.  It was the nastiest looking juice of the bunch but, I agree, it was the best.
As I showed you in my post a few weeks ago and in my Google+ story, I purchased a football, some ping pong paddles and a few ping pong balls for the church.
  I took the items with me last night.  The kids were SO excited about the football!  I LOVED that!   
The paddles and ping pong balls were used as well.

Though my donation for this months Simple Service Project was small compared to others, it still meant the WORLD to the kids.  I absolutely love being able to help out in my community and encourage all of you to do what you can in yours.  There is still time to join in on this months project!  For more information, head over to the Champions for Kids website.  You can also follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook to stay informed.

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What to do with overripe bananas

While at Sam's last week, or the week before, we bought some bananas.  The people that eat bananas in this house consist of 1.5 people.  ME and Mads....sometimes.  Hubby can't stand them and MG thinks they are slimy and gross.  Mads counts for half a person because she takes two bites and decides she is done.

Despite my better judgment I went ahead and got a little bushel of bananas because I was PROMISED they would be eaten.  Now, here we are a week or two later and the bananas are brown.  Ugh.  What is a girl to do?  I took to Pinterest, of course, and looked up a few recipes.

I started with Banana Bread.  I think it is the very first thing most people think of when dealing with overripe bananas.  Let me tell you, there are TONS of Banana Bread Pins on Pinterest.  I settled on this recipe from Edible Garden.

While looking over Banana Bread recipes I discovered Banana COOKIES!  Say WHAT?!?!  I KNOW!  Did you know there was such a thing as banana cookies?  Well, I didn't!  My mouth is still drooling from the possibilities!

I first found these Banana Maple Cookies from This & That.  Call me CRAZY but I think a few pieces of crumbled bacon sprinkled on top would be AMAZING!  Bananas, Maple, Chocolate AND BACON?!  Oh man oh man!
Source: This & That

Then!  I saw THESE precious, soft, puffed Banana Cookies from Funky Polkadot Giraffe.  Aren't they precious!?!  They look sooooo soft and good!

Finally, I came across these AH-MAZING looking Banana Cookies from Family Ever After.  They are such precious little puffs.  The icing looks DIVINE as well.

I plan to make at least one of these recipes over the next few days.  I am so excited to share what I decide on and how I liked them.  I am also thinking if the Banana is in the form of a cookie, MG might just eat it!  We shall see.

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Weekend Wrap-up - MG turns 3!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!

This weekend was NUTS!

We left home Friday night to go to my moms an hour and a half away.  We needed to make a few stops on our way.  No biggie....right??  WRONG!  Very, very WRONG!  We had MAJOR storms in our area.  BAD storms.  TORNADIC STORMS!  UGH!  I am watching the radar on my phone (thank God for technology) the entire way to our first stop (Hobby Lobby) and we are listening to the weather updates on the radio.  There was a tornado that hit Norman, which is in the other half of the state and is hours away from where we were at the time.  That storm was moving our direction though.  Fan-stinking-tastic!  So we get to HL and it starts to rain.  Not just little sprinkles, I am talking DOWNPOUR!  MG has an accident while we are shopping so hubby, being the super hero he is, takes her to get changed.  I quickly finish up then it was off to our next stop (Sam's).  In between my mom and I are calling and texting asking questions like what we want for dinner, where are the storms, etc.  The storm was getting close and there was still rotation.  By the time we were done with Sam's it was starting to get dark.  BUT!  The storms were not near as bad as they were so we make our way to my moms, safely.

Once there it was birthday central!  I had so much to get done for the party the next day.  Yes, I did what I could at home but most of the things needed to be assembled at moms.  So, I recruited hubby and my mom to help.  God bless them!  They were in charge of unfolding the paper flowers, then mom went to bed and John helped with a few other things.  I stayed up to hang things, like the banners and paper flowers, then it was off to bed for me.
The next day we got up, went to have breakfast with my mom and one of my aunts.  Then, it was off to the zoo!  We got there super early, like 10 minutes after it opened.  We were like the 6th car in the lot!  It was great!  We got to see the zoo like we never had before.  The animals were awake and full of energy.  These little guys were amazingly LOUD!
I would have thought there were like 50 of them, not three, with how LOUD they were!

We were the very first ones at the petting zoo, and while it was still closed for the day we were able to watch the handlers feed the animals.  It was pretty cool and the girls loved seeing that.
This little guy (or girl, who knows) was so funny!  He kept looking at us and would turn his head from side to side like dogs do when they hear weird noises.  HA!
There were peacocks every where on the back side of the petting zoo!  They were beautiful!

We continued our journey to the rainforest area.  It was SO hot in that building.  Blah!  But, in the summer it seems sooooooo cool in there.  The girls had to stop and get a pick by the head.
I really like this part of the zoo, it is SO cool to feel like you are REALLY inside the middle of a rainforest!
Then......I saw this sign.....
UM......Yeah, that freaked me out a bit and made me seriously consider turning around and RUNNING out the door.  But, I read on.  Turns out the not so little thing is hurt and in another part of the building.  Phew!  We were safe, no need to worry about being swallowed.

We continued on and saw HUGE fish, cute little poisonous frogs, exotic birds, a jaguar and cute little bitty monkeys.  I thought for half a millisecond that it would be fun to have one for a pet.  Then I remembered the movie Outbreak and decided to just move on.  But, aren't they CUTE?!
We saw tons of other animals, the new sea lion exhibit, stopped for snacks and a drink and saw a few more animals.  I wanted to go to an area of the zoo I had never been so we walked out to the Wetlands area.  It is SO COOL!  It is a little walkway over a pond, tons of fish, turtles and a few snakes.  At one point we were walking and I thought I dropped something, when I turned around this not so little guy was standing right behind me.
Turns out he was only friendly because we had popcorn.  He however was not so friendly anymore when MG would not share and nearly ripped the bag from her hands!  lol  We quickly left that area and headed to the turtles and elephants.  MG was starting to get tired and Mads kept wanting me to take her picture.  So I did....and it turned out great!
The last thing we did before leaving was ride the train.  We did the full loop and saw one of the original zoo trains on our way.
Then it was back to my moms to get ready for the PARTY!  Both girls were asleep before we got out of the parking lot!  HAHA!

I had a few more little things to do once we got back.  We finished everything up then started to put everything together.
I LOVE these paper flowers!  They are super easy to make and you don't have to worry about them popping, like balloons.
Our girly Dora party food!  I got some little marshmallow ice cream cones on Easter clearance, made the cupcakes, made Rice Krispy Treats and then just put it all together.  It all looked SO cute!
The cupcakes were a Tres Leche flavor but I need to rework the recipe, look for it soon.
MG had a great time at her party.  She wasn't so thrilled with all the clothes she got (I was though) but, she loved the books, puzzles and Barbies.

We were going to come home Saturday night but since there was REALLY bad weather in the area we decided to stay one more night.  There ended up being a devastating tornado in the western part of the state, by the time the storms reached our area they were just thunderstorms.  Sunday morning we packed up and came home later in the afternoon.

On our way home I got a text from our Children's Pastor asking if I wanted to share my testimony with the kids that night.  The lesson was on not giving up when things are hard.  It was AWESOME to share with them and to let them know they really are not alone and that I DO know what a lot of them are going through.  I pray one day those kids will have the same opportunity that I have had, being able to help a child that is dealing with the same things.

Since I was not able to get this up yesterday I am going to tell you about my Monday as well.  MG had her 3 year Well Baby (guess I should start using child now huh?), everything was great.  We are going to be going to a derm. to see if they can figure out what her never ending rash is.  Yes, we have done all of the testing the doctors can do at this point (allergy, celliac, a slew of others).  The doctor is now thinking psoriasis but wants a derm to look at it just to make sure.  MG is growing just fine and is healthy and happy.

Last night I went to Zumba.  For the very first time....EVER.  OH! MY! GOSH!  Yeah, let's just say my days of busting a move were over a LONG time ago!  Things now shake that shouldn't shake and things that should shake don't stop shaking 5 minutes after I have stopped moving (I know some of you know what I am talking about).  I have decided I need to invest in a sports bra, or two, and try to find something that will prevent my butt from shaking so much.  Good gracious!  It was a site to see, let me tell ya!  HAHA!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying this beautiful week.

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Getting ready for summer with #MyHartstrings #cbias

Is it warming up where you are?  It has been warming up here for a few weeks now.  With spring break over and the temps slowly getting warmer and warmer, it can only mean one thing....

SUMMER is just around the corner!

We like to spend our summers at the lake or at the pool.  Last year we practically lived in our bathing suits!  Since we spent SO much time in our suits last year, they were looking a little warn by the end of summer.  Plus both girls have grown so much this year, they needed new suits.

I have been peeking at some suits on and decided to go ahead and get new suits!  We may be going to Houston soon so the girls will need something for that trip.  It was REALLY hard to decide on what suit to get the girls, they have such cute options.  Mads is old enough to pick for herself (somewhat) and MG really doesn't care as long as it includes pink.

I pulled up and let the girls have at it.  I did guide MG into the green and pink bathing suit but she was happy with it, she LOVES the flowers!  Mads first picked a bikini but I was not going to have that!  HA!  So she decided on a tankini.
The site is pretty easy to navigate but can run slow at times.  You will find little girls (toddler) sizes under the Hartstrings tab and the older girls under kcparker.  You can also use coupons, they announce them on twitter a lot (you can also find them on Facebook)!  I had a 40% off coupon to use and that ended up dropping my total to just under $50!  Just enter code FORTY at checkout.  While I was on the site I looked at a few dresses, the girls can never have too many dresses.  I fell head over heals for this cute ensemble...
Mads would look ADORABLE in this!  Plus it has that grown up look but is still girly.  I decided on the pink sandals for a little color POP.  I will probably be ordering this outfit soon.

It took about a week for my order to arrive, but I did not upgrade my shipping and kept the free shipping.  I was very impressed at how durable the suits seem to be.  Plus, the girls look SO stinking cute in them!  They had to try them on as soon as we got home from my moms this weekend.
(sorry this one is blurry, it was too cute not to share though)

Now we are all ready for summer!!!

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Elmer's #GluenGlitter Pin It! Project #cbias

Monday is MG's 3rd birthday.  My girl is CRAZY about Dora guessed it!  We are having a Dora themed party.  I refuse to have the LOUD color Dora party and was SO excited I found this site through a quick search on Pinterest.  I had NO idea Dora could be PRETTY!

I have been a busy bee all week trying to get everything made for the party.  I love doing homemade parties and having as few store bought items as possible.

One of my FAVORITE items I found searching Karolina's Dora party were these CUTE bottles she used for drinks.

Aren't those FABULOUS?!?!

I knew there was NO WAY I would be able to find bottles like that in my area and did not have time to order.  I decided to use glass jars instead and I am so happy I did!

I headed to Walmart to pick up the supplies I needed, to see my entire path to purchase check out my Google+ album.
 I decided to get an Elmer's CraftBond Spot Stamper....
I also picked up the Elmer's CraftBond Permanent Dot Runner.
Here is what you need for this project: 
Glass Jars
Elmer's CraftBod Spot Stamper
Elmer's CraftBond Dot Runner
Paper Doilies
Cut out of choice
Start by stamping the back of your doilies with the Spot Stamper.  I used one dot in the center.
Next, take your Dot Runner and run along the outer (lace) edge of your doilies.
Place doilies on jar.  I covered the brand letters with my doilies.
You will then wrap your ribbon around the jar.  I secured with the Dot Runner.
Now it is time to place your center cutout on.  I used the Dot Runner to do this as well.  I just ran it on the ribbon and put a few lines on the cutout itself.
You will want to press hard to make sure everything is well placed.
Didn't they turn out SO cute?!?!

I also wrapped a few paper cups for the little ones that can't handle glass yet.  I used the same process but folded the doilies in half.
I was SO excited about this #GluenGlitter project!

To learn more about the AWESOME products I used you can follow Elmer's on Twitter, like them on Facebook or check out their full line on their website.

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™. #CBias #SocialFabric  All opinions are my own.

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