The Creative Princess: Celebrating International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women's Day

Last Friday, March 8th, was International Women's Day. I decided to celebrate by celebrating my Aunt, Brenda.
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Before I tell you HOW I celebrated, let me give you a bit of history.  In 2009 my aunt received some news none of us saw coming, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It was really hard to face the reality of this news. My Aunt Brenda has always been my rock, my friend, at times my strength. We did not know what the next few months would hold and to say I was scared is an understatement. I prayed everyday that God would take the cancer away. At times I even prayed that I would be the one to suffer, not her. I was mad, SO angry that she was the one facing this, she did NOT deserve it. Nobody does, but especially not her. After surgery and chemo she finally got the news we all prayed so hard for. She was cancer free! Praise God!
Starbucks, Walmart, #deliciouspairings, #cbias, Varanda Blonde
This past year we received news again that none of us had expected. Her cancer had returned. This time her treatment was longer, and harder. She recovered beautifully and is now cancer free for a second time! This year has also been one of great loss for our family. Last February we lost a very dear, very young, family friend. To my Aunt Brenda, she was more than a friend. She was more of a second daughter. In August, tragedy struck again. My aunts sweet MIL passed away. They were extremely close and helped each other so much. You see, Janie (my aunts MIL) was also a Breast Cancer survivor.
Starbucks, Walmart, #deliciouspairings, #cbias, Varanda Blonde
To put it mildly, Brenda has been through a lot this year. Through it all, she continued to smile her beautiful smile. I know she has days that are really hard, rightfully so, but she has not lost who she is. She is a fighter, she is loving, she is caring, she is so SO strong, she is a believer, she is a SURVIVOR!

One of the random things I will never forget happened during one of her rounds of chemo. I remember her saying coffee tasted so unbelievably nasty to her. I don't know why this sticks out so much but, it does.  I remember thinking 'surely it doesn't taste THAT bad'. But, to her, it did. Today though, she is a coffee drinker again!
Starbucks, Walmart, #deliciouspairings, #cbias, Varanda Blonde
To celebrate my aunt, and International Women's Day, I decided to surprise her with a Starbucks Delicious Pairings! I picked up some Starbucks Blonde Roast Coffee and Atlanta Bread Brownie Bites at The Bakery at Walmart, I also picked up a few other fun things to surprise her with.
Starbucks, Walmart, #deliciouspairings, #cbias, Varanda Blonde
I have loved the Starbucks Veranda Blonde Roast since the first day I tried it a few months ago and hoped she would love it also. The reason I picked the Veranda blend is because it has notes of nuts and milk chocolate! YUM! We both love chocolate! Plus, I was giving her brownies so I just knew they would go well together, which they did.
Starbucks, Walmart, #deliciouspairings, #cbias, Varanda Blonde
The signage at my store helped me decide as well. Each blend has a sign next to it informing you of which blend goes best with what flavors. Be sure to check out the Delicious Pairings display in your store to learn more about the different pairings. I am SO glad I picked up the Starbucks Veranda, it was perfect!
I can't wait to celebrate International Women's Day with my aunt again next year!

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