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First Family Vacation - Third Day in Parks - Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Once I saw your little girl could become a Princess I was SO reserving a spot for Mads.

At Walt Disney World there are two locations available for you to do this.  One is at Downtown Disney and the other is inside MK at the Castle.  We were booked at the Castle.

After a quick refresh and nap from our busy morning we were back at MK waiting patiently for our turn to turn our little girl into our little princess.  She was SO excited!

When you walk in you tell them your child's name and what package you will be getting.  Then you pick out all of your options according to your package.

We were getting the Castle package which includes everything, hair, makeup, costume, shoes, crown, nails, pictures and more.

After all info is received you get to escort your little girl over to an area to pick out her shoes, dress, etc.  Once she has it all picked out you let your Fairy Godmother in Training know and she sets everything up.  Once she gets everything just right she will then escort you back to the dressing room where she says some Fairy Godmother stuff then FLINGS the curtain open to reveal EVERYTHING!  It was so cute and I got so caught up with it I even gasped!  HA!

The shoes were stacked but one of the girls messed them up before I could get a pic

Once everything is on and double checked that it all fits you are then escorted to another Fairy Godmother in Training to complete your makeover.


It is at this point your daughter will pick out what hair she wants.  Mine, of course, wanted the exact one I did NOT want her to get.  Ugh!  This being her thing I kept my mouth shut and let her get it.  I did interrupt and ask her to do a color close to her real hair color and not rusty tomato red!  She also gets a VERY generous dusting of Pixie Dust (do NOT say glitter, it is NOT glitter while you are in the presence of a Fairy Godmother in Training).


MG had to get in on the action as well.....


Once everything is JUST RIGHT it is time for the BIG reveal!

It was priceless!  She was SO excited to see herself.  It was pretty stinking cute!
Once you have your reveal, you check out then go to the building next door and get your pictures taken (if this is included in your package).  The photographer we got was kind of odd but he was decent.  You will get one 6x8 (or something like that, it was a weird size and not an 8x10) and also 4 4x6 shots.  Your favorite shots will be your big pic then you pick two other shots for each set of the 4x6's.

The final results.....


Isn't she CUTE?!?!?!
Oh my goodness she loved it SO much!

MG would not leave her sisters wand alone so she ended up getting one for herself....


Then it was off to ride another ride while we waited for dinner.

*My Notes*
Make your reservations EARLY!  As soon as your book your trip, book a spot at BBB if you even THINK you will want to do this for your little girl.  You can always cancel later.  While we were waiting on our turn we saw about 10 people come in asking to get in.....they were booked solid.....those people weren't very happy.

I had heard to try to get your spot booked at the DTD location and not the Castle.  They said the Castle location is very small and not near the selection as the DTD location.  While the Castle location is small I wasn't cramped at all.  Plus, they keep one of each dress, shoe, purse, wand, gloves, etc in the front and all the sizes and extras are stored in the back, we had no issue with it not being stocked.

Since we have done the Castle package for Mads, we will NOT being doing it again for her.  OH! MY! WORD!  It was EXPENSIVE!  But, it was worth it.

When we go back and it is MG's turn we will probably try to get a morning appointment so she can be special all day and not just a few hours.

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First Family Vacation - Day 3 in Parks - Magic Kingdom - Part 1

Oh Magic Kingdom (MK).  When most people think of Walt Disney World it is Magic Kingdom that comes to mind first.  It is after all where all the cool people hang out!

If you are there before the park opens you get to see a cute little skit that welcomes you to the park.  The train pulls into the station and the conductor gets off the train and welcomes you to the park and introduces the characters.  Then they all break out in song and dance.  Totally cute!


After the performance is over there is a mad RUSH into the park.  Seriously, if you don't want to get ran over just stay back a little bit.
Once we were in the park we headed straight to Main Street Bakery.  We had reservations for Kona Cafe but I just could not stomach walking back in the Poly after the night we had at Ohana a few nights before.  So we canceled and just ate in the park.  Not the best way to spend our dining plan credits but it is what it is.

Hubs had an omelet (I think, it was about I month ago so my memory is a bit shady), the girls shared a cinnamon roll and I had a chocolate croissant (which I thought would be warm, it was cold, but still delish).

Once we were done we walked out on Main Street and ran right into a street performance!  It was pretty cute.


Then we were off to the rides!  With a pit stop to take a pic in front of the castle first, of course.


Our first ride was Dumbo......of course!

We waited about 5 min, the wait was over 45 the next time we walked by!  Eeek!
From the ride we saw the new expansion.  They are building Beast's Castle, from Beauty and the Beast!  SO excited about that!  It is set to open next fall (2012).  There will be a new restaurant there as well called 'Be our Guest' or something like that and will resemble the dining hall from Beast's Castle in the movie.  I am SO excited about this!!!


After Dumbo it was on to more rides.  We timed them all just about perfectly and never waited more than 10 minutes, most of them never more than 5.  We timed Small World so perfectly that we just happened to get a boat to ourselves!  Sweet!

MG LOVED those silly "ducks" as she called them.  Every time she saw them she would YELL "DUCKS!"
We managed to get in 6 rides and one show before lunch.  I do recommend seeing the Presidential History show, or whatever it is called.  It is the one that has all the presidents and shows the history of the presidency.

You will walk out in awe of how far we are from what the founding fathers had in mind when they put their plan in place.  Not a good awe either.  Anywho.....

After that it was time for lunch.

Lunch today was at the Crystal Palace and featured the characters from Winnie the Pooh.  I was hot and tired and food was OK at best.  The wait staff here was not that great (again, theme here) but the characters were ok.  We probably would not go back, we aren't big Pooh fans to begin with.

After lunch we headed back to our room for a quick rest and to grab things for our BIG plans that evening.

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First Family Vacation - Day 2 in Parks - Epcot Part 2

You can find Epcot part 1 here

After breakfast we headed back to the front of the park to try to ride some rides and see some fun stuff up there.  We started with a stop at the Baby Care Center to change out of costumes and get ready for the rest of our day, then we were off again.

We made our way to the Nemo attraction, it is really cool!  You ride the Nemo ride, which consists of sitting in a shell and slowly moving along a conveyor belt with a long screen in front of you for the entire ride.  It was nice, relaxing and air conditioned.  At the end you hop off the ride and are in an aquarium!  Totally cool!  We saw dolphins, sharks, sting rays, sea turtles and TONS of other fish.  Oh and manatees!  It was really neat.  We also did Turtle Talk with Crush.  It is SO funny and the kids LOVE it!

Nemo ended up being our only ride at Epcot.  It was PACKED and we didn't really know what we were doing, there were just sooooo many people.  We did find the Coke place that has pop from around the world, that was interesting and at times nasty.  lol  You will have to go and let me know what you think about all of the soda's.
After that we just walked around waiting on our lunch reservation.  We strolled around Canada, England and France.  In England we stopped by Winnie the Pooh's house to check on him.  He was out visiting with Christopher Robin at the time we were there so we did not get to see him but Madison had fun looking at some of his things.

While in Jolly Ol England we found some red phone booths!  They even have working phones in them!  PAYPHONES!  When was the last time you saw a payphone?  Or used one?

Here is Madison talking to our aunt

You can also call the phone booths!  Totally fun to sit on a bench near by and freak people out by telling them you like their blue shirt!  HAHA!
The #'s are....
Right Booth: 407-827-9861
Left Booth: 407-827-9862
Center Booth: 407-827-9863

I sent a text to my aunt and told her to call the number and promised her Mads would pick up.  Mads was pretty confused at first.  lol  It was fun to talk to her and I reassured her they did NOT smell near as bad as the ones in the for real England.

After we were done in England we were off to France.  My mom and aunts weren't the only ones to visit Paris this year!  We even saw the Eiffel Tower!


We also saw MG's FAVORITE cat...Marie from The Aristocats.  Oh how she loves her!  Every time she saw her she would SHOUT "Ristie Cats!  Ristie Cats!!"

Can you tell it was HOT?

After we saw Marie it was FINALLY time for lunch. 

Lunch was in Canada at Le Cellier.


Hubs and I both ordered the NY Strip was AMAZING!


I am from Oklahoma, spent some time in Texas, I have had a few thousand steaks in my life.  You could say I am an expert steak taster.

The steak was so tender you could just about cut it with your fork.  The taste was unlike anything I have ever tasted in my life.  It was seriously THAT good!  Hubs agreed and even said "I would come back to Disney just to eat here again."  WOW!  If he is willing to go on vacation again you know it had to be pretty spectacular.  ;-)

Oh!  I almost forgot!  I had the cheese soup while there as well, the one I tried to copy a few months ago.  It was good and I definitely want to try to make it again.  I still think the bacon needs to be crispier.  The bread that accompanies your appetizer is really good as well.

For dessert I had the Maple Creme Brulee.  It was amazing as well, I could have ate three more dishes of it.  I must find that recipe as well.  Hubs had the Chocolate Whiskey Cake.  He liked it, I liked my choice better though.

After lunch it was more walking.  It was REALLY hot by then, our tummies were full and that just did not make a good combination.  We managed to walk all the way around World Showcase....I seriously thought I was going to die, but we made it.

 We had planned to come back to Epcot after we took a little break but that just did not happen.  We cancelled our reservations at Tepan Edo and just stayed in.  Mads and I ended up going to the quick service restaurant in our resort for dinner.

Did I mention it was HOT?  That was the day Oklahoma was breaking all sorts of records and got up to 117 so I shouldn't really complain about the 96 degrees we were dealing with.  But, when you are on concrete and the sun is beating down on you it is still REALLY hot.

We decided that day when we come back it will be in December, when it is cool!  lol

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Frist Family Vacation - 2nd Day in Parks - Epcot Part 1

I am going to do Epcot in a two part series.  Yes, there is THAT much info!  Plus there are TONS of pics and I don't want to drown you in all of them at once.

We started our morning with early reservations at Akershus in the Norway pavilion at Epcot.

Oh! My! Word!

Let's just say, I could pack up right now and move to Norway!  I LOVED the old Scandinavian style buildings.

We were the second family to enter the restaurant that morning and what a BEAUTIFUL restaurant it is!

You are greeted outside by some cast members then you are shown to an area where.....Belle (yes, THE Belle from Beauty and the Beast) is.  If my mom would have been with us I can promise you she would have been crying at the moment she turned her head and saw her.  She kind of likes Belle.

As for my girls, they were in Princess Heaven!
After you meet Belle and get your picture taken with her, you are escorted to your table.

The service here was great, the best we had during our entire trip I think.

Akershus is a buffet and also a family style meal.  The buffet offers muffins, bagels and other pastries along with fresh fruit, cheese and fish.  At the table you are brought your hot items that include, eggs, breakfast potatoes, sausage and I think there was one other thing but I can't remember what that is right now.  Everything (except the fish, totally not a fish person) was great!

While you are eating, other princesses come out to greet you.  Cinderella was by far MG's favorite, Cinderella even gave her a HUGE hug and kissed her on the forehead.  It was so stinking cute!  Ariel was of course Mads favorite, she has loved Ariel since she was two.
Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
 Waiting on more princesses
 lol MG looks like she is keeping her eye on Mads.  Mads better not get too close to Cinderella!
 One last hug and kiss
 She was so silly
After the Princesses have made their rounds they parade all the kids through the restaurant then I guess read a story, we didn't stay for that part.  We had things to do!

We would DEFINITELY go back to eat here!

This was the best Princess experience between this restaurant and the castle.

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First Family Vacation.....First Day in the Parks....Hollywood Studios and Ohana

After our first night at WDW it was time to wake up bright and early and get our day started at Hollywood Studios.  Everyone was up and at 'em....well, with the exception of one...

She was kind of crabby and didn't want to get up.

Once everyone was up, dressed, out the door and on the bus we were headed to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  We had reservations at Hollywood and Vine for breakfast with some pretty important people.  We walked up to the gates and waited with everyone else, then I noticed two workers off to the side with a list so me being me, nosey, went to talk to them about our reservations and how to get in to get to the restaurant.  They asked me a few questions and in a matter of seconds we were through the gates....leaving everyone in our dust.  They had to wait until the park actually opened.  HA!

Since we had early reservations we were allowed in the park before anyone else, which makes for great photo ops!  You don't have to worry about a million other people in your pictures.

Breakfast included June and Leo from the Little Einsteins, Handy Many and Special Agent Oso.
Oso was by FAR MG's favorite, Mads was pretty happy with all of them.  They have a fun little skit and let the kids come up to dance, MG wanted nothing to do with it and Mads was unsure but went anyway and ended up not liking it.  She has become a bit shy for some reason.  The food was pretty good and we would go back again.

After breakfast we hit the road and saw The Little Mermaid show, Muppet's 3D and walked around looking at everything and of course visiting with more characters.

I have no idea what this is.

We also ran into Phineas and Ferb.  That was fun!  They do a cute little skit while you are waiting in line.

 Waiting to see P&F

 Dancing in line

What's up?  lol

After all that fun it was time for lunch.  We had lunch at 50's Prime Time Cafe.  It was PACKED!  The food was good, the waitress was terrible (very slow service, MG actually ended up falling asleep waiting for our food).  It is a really cute restaurant and I like their theme.  We would go back but probably wouldn't be our first choice, just because it was soooooo busy.

Mads liked it.  It reminded me of my Grandma and Grandpa's kitchen growing up.

After lunch we went back to the hotel.  We were just tired and hot and just done.  We planned on going back later in the day but that just did not happen.

Once we got back to the hotel we were spent.  We all laid down and we all fell asleep.

For dinner we had reservations at Ohaha.  I had heard a lot of REALLY great things about this restaurant.

We were 5, maybe 10 min, late.

They made us wait 2 HOURS to get us back in!


I know, you would have left and gone somewhere else.

I would have also, if I hadn't heard such great things about the place.

The service here was also lacking (theme here?  Yep, pretty much), the food was good for the most part.  I did NOT like the bread everyone raves about but I LOVED the bread pudding.  I had no idea I liked bread pudding so much.  It was REALLY good.  The steak was good and so was pretty much everything else.  I also did not enjoy the weird noodles they had.

Where we sat you could see the castle, it was beautiful.

We would go back and next time make sure we are not late for our reservation!  lol

I think all of us fell asleep on the bus back to the resort.  It was a long, hot day.

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First Family Vacation - Our First Night on Property

After we checked into the hotel, Disney's Coronado Springs, we unpacked, freshened up and made our way to Down Town Disney (DTD).

Because we stayed on property we were able to take complete advantage of Disney Transportation, that includes buses, boats and monorail.

The resort we stayed at does not share a bus with any other resort, like some of them do, so we never waited more than 5 minutes for a bus.  It was great!

So on our way to DTD I was trying to get everything organized and placed my nice sandals on the seat beside me to better organize our backpack.  One of the girls distracted me, imagine, and I completely forgot about my sandals.

I would never see them again.  Ugh!

We made a quick run through the World of Disney, the largest Disney store, to find the girls new dresses for dinner.  Once we had dresses in bag and bag in hand we made our way to our reservation for the evening, 1900 Park Fare inside the Grand Floridian.
Our wait was perfect as it gave us time to get the girls changed and for me to get spruced up again.  Also, as you are waiting you are ushered in to take a pic in front of a mural of the French countryside with the castle in the back.  We were next in line when they called us to be seated, which was perfect because we really did not want the pic.

As we were seated the characters were just finishing up one of their rounds.  It was not long before they were all back out again.  The caracters we saw were Prince Charming, the ugly but very entertaining step-sisters and Lady Tremain (Cinderella's step-mother) and of course Cinderella.  Our favorites were the step-sisters and Lady Tremain.

Once of the sisters saw that Prince Charming had already been to our table and asked Mads "Well, did he tell you he was supposed to marry me instead of my sister?  He was!"  lol  It was SO funny!

Lady Tremain was by FAR our favorite though!  It was hysterical!  MG LOVED her, I mean did not want her to LOVED her!  If you know MG you know this just doesn't happen with anyone and you pretty much have to be family for her to act this way with you.  Wonder you Lady Tremain reminded her of?  Oh well.  ;-)

As she approached our table she looked down at Madison with disgust in her face and asked "So, do you share your chores or do you do your own?"  HA!  Then she saw the girls had flowers and said "Oh, I see you have props.  I guess we better use them."  Then she posed the girls with their flowers.  It was so funny!
MG waiting for the next character

FINALLY they announced Cinderella and Mads was in heaven!

The food here was the worst we had at the park and will not go back to eat.  If we go back it will be solely for the characters.

Oh and the desserts.  The desserts were GREAT!  They were tiny so you did not feel bad at all for eating....say three of them...not that I did that.  Ok, I did.  They were good!  Oh!  They also had Strawberry Soup, it was really good as well.  Other than dessert and the soup, the food was just OK at best.

My favorite!

The Grand Floridian offers all 3 kinds of Disney Transportation to and from their property.  So, After dinner we took the monorail to Epcot and took the bus from Epcot back to our resort.

It was AWESOME!  From the monorail we were able to see the castle at night, for the first time.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  We were also able to see the fireworks at Epcot.  It was AWESOME!  It totally got us in the Disney Spirit!

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